Bali 2014

Grounding the Vision: bringing the magic of astrology into working practice
1st – 10th December 2014

Hosted by: Evelyn Roberts, Heaven & Earth Workshops
Tutors: Cat Cox and Carole Taylor
Meditation and Full Moon Ceremony Facilitator: Melanie Reinhart

Bali 2007

A big thank you to Evelyn Roberts for hosting this eight-day workshop given by Faculty tutors Cat Cox and Carole Taylor on the beautiful island of Bali - it was a very successful event and a truly magical experience for everyone involved.

Evelyn is a Faculty Diploma holder, as well as a holder of the CPA Diploma, and is a fine testament to the creative options open to those who feel called to work professionally with astrology – as well as having an international clientele for her astrological client practice, Evelyn brings her superb organisational skills and fifteen years’ experience of working with astrology to the creation of the Heaven & Earth Workshops programme, a feast of events in Bali, Goa and Mexico. Evelyn invites tutors from around the world, the best in their field, so it was a great pleasure for us to team up with her for Grounding the Vision.

Thank you also to our wonderful Faculty patron, Melanie Reinhart, who supported us in our endeavours with energising early morning meditations and an awe-inspiring trip to the nearby town of Tampak Siring to take part in the Full Moon ceremony there. It was certainly the ‘full immersion’ experience, as we waded into the sacred pools and made our prayers to the gods!

balibathsOur class of twenty students were also an inspiration – coming from all over the world, each brought his or her own particular insights and skills to the work, creating a very special atmosphere for our ten days together. Our programme involved the weaving together of natal chart interpretation with transits and progressions, to build confidence in working through a whole chart with integrated forecasting. In addition, we also engaged in some experiential work and guided visualisations throughout the course, creating a marriage of left-brained analysis and craft with right-brained imagination and creativity. All this and module credits too, so that students could be on their way towards the Diploma!

We worked hard but we also found time to enjoy the beauty of Bali – its lush green rice fields and stunning temples. A deep spirituality is woven into daily life on this Hindu island, evident from the ubiquitous temples, statues and daily offerings laid out in and around the shops, restaurants and houses. Ganesh, lord of astrology in the pantheon of Hindu gods, was ever-present! Our group excursion to the 9th century Buddhist temple of Borobudur on the neighbouring island of Java was an uplifting end to the event.

We are delighted to say that more collaborative events between the Faculty and Heaven & Earth Workshops are planned in 2016 and beyond, including events in Goa (India) and Bali. Watch this space – or sign up for our mailing list below, to receive regular updates direct to your mailbox!

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