Before you enrol for your module, it is essential that you download and read the appropriate Conditions of Enrolment document – whether that’s for Distance Learning via Email, for London Classes, or for Online Classes. You are also advised to download the document entitled Essential Books for Purchase; this lists the set books for each module, along with details of where to buy books (including mail order to the UK and overseas).

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Please note that at the point of checkout you will have the option to pay through PayPal (using your own PayPal account or major debit/credit cards) or our online banking system that accepts major debit and credit cards. If you wish to send a direct PayPal payment, you may use payments@astrology.org.uk. However, please do not use this if you are a new student and need to register. Current students will need to state what module/course they are paying for. Please contact our Administrator on info@astrology.org.uk with any queries.


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