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The Planet Series
One day seminars open to students and non-students

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Each seminar focuses on one planet in depth and will include discussion of the myth(s) associated with the planet and the psychological approach to it.

The Jupiter and Saturn seminars are suitable for beginners and more advanced students (including Diploma Level 1) wishing to develop and consolidate their knowledge as the main focus of these days will be the planet in a natal chart.

The Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto seminars are suitable for Diploma Level students and those familiar with forecasting using transits as that will be the emphasis of the day.

    • Time: Sundays 11am – 5pm
    • Venue: Torrington Room, Connaught Hall, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9EX (close to King’s Cross, Euston and Warren Street stations).
    • Numbers: The seminars are limited to 15 people.
    • Cost: £55

Bookings need to be made at least 1 week before seminar date - enrolments will close when the workshops are full.

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Day Seminar Dates 2016-2017


Mask of Zeus

Mask of Zeus

9 October 2016 with Kim Farley

Come and explore Jupiter! Sky god, joy bringer and the top man on mount Olympus, Jupiter reflects our beliefs and philosophies, our urge to discover and grow. It beckons us to expand our horizons literally and metaphorically, whether by travelling to far flung lands or by posing the bigger questions and searching for meaning.

What part does the quest for wisdom play in your own life? Is the road better than the inn? Find out what Jupiter has to say about your world view as we spend a jovial day journeying through the zodiac and house positions of the Greater Benefic.


Chronos (God of Time) by Santo Saccomanno

Chronos: Santo Saccomanno

20 November 2016 with Stevi Gaydon

However we view Saturn, as the Grim Reaper, Old Father Time or the Great Teacher there is no avoiding his influence on our lives as he calls us to deal with physical reality. His trials are often harsh and dispiriting but the subsequent learning can lead to achievement, maturity and perhaps enlightenment.

This day will be spent looking at what Saturn’s position by sign house and aspect suggests about the potentials for challenge and mastery in the birth chart.


Uranus and Gaia Mosiac from a villa in Sentinum

Uranus and Gaia Mosaic from a villa in Sentinum


15 January 2017 with Darby Costello

Uranus the Awakener: Uranus the Disrupter.

It is considered a generational planet, but Uranus seems very personal when in a prominent position in one's chart.

To become more conscious of this awkward dimension we shall look at it in element, sign, house and aspects, as well as in transit, so that we might learn to navigate its energy with attention and skill.


Neptune -Roman Mosiac from La Chebba,Tunisia

Neptune - Roman Mosiac from La Chebba,Tunisia

19 March 2017 with Carole Taylor

At times, we experience Neptune as the journey into imagination or as the inspiration for (and of) art, music, poetry or divine love; at other times he becomes the frightening depths of the unbounded ocean as we fall into chaos or suffer loss or sacrifice. With the help of myths, poetry, literature, art, a few case studies and our own life experiences, we will explore the role of Neptune in the birth chart – our quest for the sublime, our very own Holy Grail, and the triumphs and disappointments which attend that quest.

We will also touch on the transits of Neptune, as well as the ‘Neptune square Neptune’ which is such an important part of the mid-life years.

Please note the venue for the Neptune Day Seminar is:
International Hall, Landsdowne Terrace, London WC1N 1AS


Chiron teaches Achilles
Ancient Roman fresco

Chiron and the Healing Journey Fully Booked
2 April & 18 June 2017 with Melanie Reinhart

Our focus will be on the dynamics of the Minor Planet Chiron, with particular reference to its meaning by transit, and in our life-process.

A brief astronomical introduction and lots of food for thought about the ‘healing journey’ will enable us to reflect on and ‘feel into’ Chiron in our own horoscope. Enquiring into the role played by our physical, emotional and mental afflictions on the path of awakening, we walk the narrow path between identification with our suffering, and denial of it. And Chiron travels with us.

Some healing practices which support this theme will be offered.


Hades with Cerberus

Hades with Cerberus

14 May 2017 with Cat Cox

When we meet Pluto in our natal chart or by transit we can experience life with a depth and intensity. In his veiled realm, hidden beneath the surface of the day to day, we become aware of the potency of life, for here we can enter into the heart of life’s mysteries. Here we may be acquainted with loss in the finality of death and irrevocable endings and the radical transformation flowing from this which is required to renew our lives and enables us to reconnect more deeply to ourselves. Through Pluto we can encounter the resilience, power and control both in others and in ourselves which drives our fundamental survival. Whilst Pluto’s erotic power expressed in sexuality or evoked in initiatory encounters in the inner world awakens us to live life intensely. When we meet Pluto then we may find ourselves embarking on a process of empowerment and transformation which is reflected in the myth of Persephone who journeys down to Hades’ realm and in so doing becomes a Queen.

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