Faculty Day 2017

Faculty  Open Day 2017

Saturday 25 March, 2017 11am-5pm

Theme: Astrology: Rites of Passage.
Guest Speaker: Geoffrey Cornelius

Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London, W1B 2HW

Roman Fresco Villa dei Misteri Pompeii

Roman Fresco Villa dei Misteri Pompeii

a_volvella_of_the_moon-_a_volvella_is_a_moveable_device_for_working_out_the_position_of_the_sun_and_moon_in_the_zodiac-creative-commons-cc -0-universal-public-domain-dedication

A Volvella of the Moon

Faculty Open Day is an annual event. Tutors, students, graduates and friends get together to celebrate the achievement of the new Diploma and Certificate Holders.

It is a time to talk astrology, meet old friends, make new ones and generally have some fun. There are presentations from tutors and students as well as our guest speaker. The stalls give you a chance to re-stock your book shelf and consider new avenues for your astrology and your studies.

Faculty Open Day is open to all so it is an opportunity for potential students to come along and get a flavour of the Faculty and meet some of the people involved.

Enrol Here    Cost: £ 29     Lunch: £9


11:00 am   Introductions
11:15 am-12:45 pm ‘Astrology: Rites of Passage’

Three Presentations from two Diploma students and a Diploma Holder

Marco A. De MoraesMarco Aurelio de Moraes:  Journey through Life: A cultural perspective of planetary cycles
Within society major life experiences are acknowledged and defined through ceremony and ritual. These transitions often correspond with significant points within planetary cycles. Viewed through the lens of astrology these aspects enrich our comprehension of lessons learned as we progress through life.


Sabrina Moncini D.F.Astrol.S.: The Other Place
A presentation exploring on a communal and personal level the liminal state related to the astrological archetype of Neptune. Referring to Arnold van Gennep, I will Sabrina Moncinicorrelate the three different phases of ‘Rites of Passage’ to three astrological archetypes: Saturn-separation from the group, Neptune-transition and the Sun-Integration, signifying rebirth as a member of the community. Focussing on the “Creative Chaos” represented by Neptune, without keeping a dialectic process with the other two archetypes, we would get lost in seductive Neptune’s fog of illusion and escape. Finally, I will explain how transiting Neptune impacted upon my meeting with astrology and how astrology opened the door for me to a Neptunian experience, entering an “other place” where it is still crucial to keep a dialectic process with the other two archetypes: Saturn-Study and Practice and Sun - attention to the individual and his process.


Itziar AzkonaItziar Azkona: Saturn the Gatekeeper
What is a Gateway? What is a Gateway for? Where does a Gateway lead us to? Every step of our existence may revolve around Rites of Passage. Through astrological symbolism my presentation explores possible answers surrounding the meaning of Gateways. Giving simple examples of my personal experiences I have found keys to open doors that are leading me to my own destiny.

12:45-2:00 pm Lunch
2:00-2:10 pm The Faculty President,  Cat Cox
2:10-2:40 pm The Awards Ceremony, Glòria Roca and Geoffrey Cornelius
2:40-3:15 pm Life as a Diploma Holder
How three astrologers, Marielle Churaqui, Henrik Bisbo & Liz Rooke have used their Diploma.
3:15-3:45 pm  Break
3:45-4:45 pm Guest Speaker Presentation
Geoffrey Cornelius: Entering Symbol - Astrology as Path and Practice

Geoffrey Cornelius

Geoffrey Cornelius

Who are we as astrologers? What is it we know? Who is the one who knows this? In our dealings with others we adopt many personas, variously and collectively as story-tellers, fortune-tellers, spiritual guides and therapists, as well as being lenders of the listening ear. For ourselves, the step from study about astrology to our practice in astrology is initiatory, where the labyrinth of symbol renders us all perpetual beginners on an endless quest. In this talk we consider false trails and true leads, and the philosophical signposts left by others who have gone before us to guide us on our way.

5:00 pm Close

Then onto the pub ...

Please contact info@astrology.org.uk or Faculty Day Organiser  lindsay.gladstone@astrology.uk with any queries.


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