Faculty Day 2018

Faculty Open Day 2018

Saturday 24 March, 2018 11am-5pm

Theme: Astrology - The Future of an Ancient Art
Guest Speaker: Dr Nicholas Campion

Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London, W1B 2HW

Hugo Ballin, Ceiling Mural, Griffiths Observatory, Los Angeles

Faculty Open Day is an annual event. Tutors, students, graduates and friends get together to celebrate the achievement of the new Diploma and Certificate Holders.

It is a time to talk astrology, meet old friends, make new ones and generally have some fun. There are presentations from tutors and students as well as our guest speaker. The stalls give you a chance to re-stock your book shelf and consider new avenues for your astrology and your studies.

Faculty Open Day is open to all so it is an opportunity for potential students to come along and get a flavour of the Faculty and meet some of the people involved.

Enrol Here   Cost: £29 (including refreshments on arrival and at afternoon break)   Lunch: £9 (sandwiches) Lunch booking closes at midnight 11 March.

The Programme:

10.30 am         Doors Open - Tea and Coffee

11.00 am          Welcome and Introductions: Lindsay Gladstone and Cat Cox

11.15 am           Astrology of the future - Left brain or right brain?: Irena Badrov

11.45 pm          As above So below- An Astrological Journey: Anne de Roy

12.15 pm          A psychotherapeutic view of astrology - the way forward for humanity: Elaine Lim

12.45 pm          Lunch

2.00 pm           The President: Cat Cox

2.10 pm            The Awards Ceremony: Glòria Roca and Nick Campion

2.40 pm           Forum: discussion with tutors - Toby Aldren, Sue Farebrother and Rosemary Smith

3.15 pm            Break: Tea and Coffee

3.45 pm           Presentation: Nick Campion

4.45 pm           Closing remarks

5.00 pm           Close and afterwards  to the pub.

We are delighted to have Dr. Nicholas Campion as our Guest Speaker, his afternoon lecture is:

‘Astrology’s Future – not forgetting the Present and Past’.

To talk about astrology’s future we have to consider its past and present. After all, one view of time which informs astrology is that all time exists simultaneously, in the here and now. As T.S. Eliot wrote, ‘Time present and time past/ Are both perhaps present in the future/ and time future contained in time past’. Nick will consider the varieties of modern astrology, especially notions of the Self, Psyche, or Soul, and the question of whether we can transcend our birth charts – or whether we have to work with them, a vital issue if you are seeing clients.

Nicholas Campion is Programme Director of the distance-learning MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and Associate Professor of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

The three Faculty student presentations on the topic, ‘Astrology – the future of an ancient Art’:

Irena Badrov ......'Astrology of the future - Left brain or right brain?'

When our senses are limited to a small portion of the visible light spectrum, one cannot but wonder what else could be out there that we are missing? When only 10% of our DNA is functional and 10% of our brain is actively participating while the rest remains dormant, can we really trust that 10% to comprehend it all?
In the 21st century can astrology continue to test our limitations, train our senses and push our perception to a higher level?


Anne de Roy ..... 'As above So below- An Astrological Journey'

A brief review of my personal astrological journey to the present. A reflection on the challenges facing astrology today and my own perspectives of the positives that astrology can offer as we transition into the Age of Aquarius. A look ahead to the future of this ancient art and what this may mean for individuals and the collective as we awaken to a higher consciousness.


Elaine Lim ..... 'A psychotherapeutic view of astrology - the way forward for humanity?'

My grandfather was a purple star astrology reader, and he was the one who first introduced me to the concept of looking to the heavens for our "fate". My own relationship with astrology began when I met astrologer friends during my year out in Bali, and subsequently joinedthe Faculty. As I am training to become a psychotherapist, I will explore from my perspective the pitfalls we need to be aware of, as astrologers, in clients and ourselves. I will also explore how astrology can be used psycho-spiritually to accelerate the process of Jungian 'individuation', ultimately leading to 'self-realisation'.

Please contact Faculty Day Organiser, lindsay.gladstone@astrology.uk with any queries.

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