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Online Seminars 2017-2018

A programme of online seminars is offered as an optional addition to your Foundation or Diploma Course studies, giving time to practice key skills, guided by a tutor.

For distance learning students in particular, this is a chance to connect in real time with a Faculty tutor and with a group of fellow students in an online classroom. All you need is a good broadband connection and (preferably) a webcam!

The seminars are open to both Faculty and non-Faculty students. Most of the seminars are suitable for students who understand the basic components of the natal chart (planets, signs and houses), those seminars marked with an asterisk * require an ability to read a natal chart and some appreciation of forecasting techniques.

Each 90-minute seminar  costs £30 and will take place on Saturdays between 3.00-4.30 pm (UK local time).

The seminars are recorded, the recordings will be available for streaming for 1 month after the seminar.  A link will be sent to everyone who booked onto the seminar (with 24 - 48 hours of the event) whether or not they attended.   This means attendees can watch again and those who missed it live can catch up.

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Please book early, enrolments will close at Midday on the Thursday before the Seminar.

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Before Enrolling for the First Time

  • Check that your operating system is supported by Webex, the meetings software we use: Link to the Webex webpage.
    If your platform is not supported you will not be able to log into the meeting or participate in any way. 
  • Some browsers are also not supported by Webex, Google Chrome is recommended for best results.
  • Download Online Seminar Joining Instructions - these will also be sent with the Faculty's confirmation of your booking.
  • Closer to the seminar date you will receive a Webex email to enable you to join this Seminar, please check your Spam folder if you do not receive the email 10 days prior to the online seminar date.
  • If you do not receive your invitation to join the Seminar please contact us.

Please contact or Stevi Gaydon at with any queries.

Autumn Term

Astronomical Clock, Cathedrale Saint Jean Lyon, Chris 73, Wikimedia Commons

30 September 2017: The Hero’s Journey - The Sun in the Natal Chart

Tutor: Frances Clynes 

All life on our planet depends on the Sun. Unsurprisingly cultures from the earliest times to the present day, have made it one of their gods, and often the main god. In mythologies, the hero usually displays the qualities of the Sun. In our charts, the Sun shows our image of the hero. It is what we can become and where we can be a hero in our own lives. This seminar will look at what this means in the chart of the individual. We will briefly explore some of the common mythological themes of the Sun, and using example charts, consider how they manifest in the individual lives.

21 October 2017: Neptune Transits to the Natal Chart*
Tutor: Frances Clynes

According to Liz Greene, Neptune is about disillusion and often collides violently with individual values. In the birth chart is about what is not concrete or mundane, and where and how we seek to leave the mundane behind, and where we can be prone to illusion.  Transits of Neptune can be about dis-illusioning us and dissolving the concrete structures we have built up in our charts. Or they can be about taking us away from the physical world and asking us to let go of what we know as reality for a time.  This seminar will look at the symbolism of Neptune and using example charts, explore what happened in the lives of these people during major Neptune transits.

11 November 2017: Chart Imbalances - Polarity, Modes & Elements
Tutor: Carole Taylor

Carole Taylor teaching

We are defined as much by what is absent from our charts as what is present – imbalances of polarity, mode or element can be a profoundly shaping influence, with the power to determine both temperament and the life choices we make. Using chart examples and case studies, this seminar explores these three – polarity, mode and element – and what it means when one of these is either dominant or absent. We will look at the challenges this brings, and also the gifts.


9 December 2017: Yearly Cycles of Transformation: Solar Returns*
Tutor: Stevi Gaydon

Stevi GaydonA popular forecasting technique, Solar Return charts are erected for the time the transiting Sun returns to its exact natal position. It is a birth chart for each new year of an individual’s life that gives a sense of the ‘flavour’ of the year as well as tracking psychological changes and inner growth. The Solar Return Chart and its comparison to the natal chart highlights the areas of life that are likely to important during the year and the themes which may dominate it.  The focus of this seminar will be the exploration of some Solar Return charts, set in the context of prevailing transits, with the aim to better appreciate the additional forecasting insights Solar Returns can provide.

Spring Term

The Ptolemaic Universe by Bartolomeu Velho, 1568

6 January 2018: Rhythm and Ritual: the Moon as Soul and Body
Tutor: Carole Taylor

Carole Taylor teaching

The Moon is our inner soul life, embedded physically in circadian rhythms and the fabric of the body. It is our internal navigator, our barometer of physical and psychological need, and the constant flow of mood, feeling and reaction which arises in response to each day’s events and situations. Often inexplicable in logical terms, it guides our personal rituals and those which link us to family, tribe and culture. Potentially both nurturing and destructive (connected to anxiety and addiction) we are called to honour the Moon as much as we honour our solar development.

3 February 2018: Harmonics: Detecting Underlying Chart Patterns*
Tutor: Frances Clynes

The symbolism of numbers is fundamental to astrology. It shows itself in our twelve-fold division of the Zodiac and the numerical basis of the aspects we use. As Clare Martin puts it, ‘Harmonic charts provide a series of separate pictures of a birth chart, each one focussing on a different aspect of a person’s personality according to the symbolic meaning of the number used.’  This seminar will look at the different harmonic charts we can use to gain deeper insight into the birth charts and will look at some of the harmonic charts of some well-known people.


24 February 2018: Moon Passages: The Lunation Cycle
Tutor: Melanie Reinhart

Melanie ReinhartThe Lunation Cycle offers a prototype for understanding not only important aspects of personal typology and life-process, but also provides an essential foundation for working with all planetary cycles: natal, progressed and transiting. This seminar will consider the natal Lunation Cycle in detail, clarifying its meaning in the individual horoscope. Other interesting applications for this information will be briefly mentioned: the Progressed Lunation Cycle, plus the monthly lunar fertility cycle - for men and women! We explore simple ways of engaging with the on-going transiting Lunation Cycles as a personal contemplative study, for learning and also for spiritual nourishment.

Enrol onto Moon Passages: The Lunation Cycle here.

17 March 2018: Synastry, the Astrology of Relationship*
Tutor: Darby Costello

"For two personalities to meet is like mixing two chemical substances: If there is any combination at all, both are transformed." Carl Jung

In this tumultuous time of disruption and change, nourishing relationship are perhaps even more important than usual. Looking at the synastry between yourself and those close to you gives vital information for the navigation of these relationships. Seeing the graceful and the awkward interactions between two charts helps us move round each other when we need to, and join each other where we can, in creative and fruitful ways. We shall look at the art of synastry so to enhance our understanding of our human interactions.

Enrol onto Synastry, the Astrology of Relationship here.

Summer Term

Taurus, from texts on astronomy, 1001 – 1100, the National Library of Wales

7 April: Psychopomp, Trickster and Thief: Mercury in the Natal Chart
Tutor: Toby Aldren

Although it is the smallest of the traditional planets in our solar system, Mercury can certainly pull our attention. Join us as we explore the mythology of this character in its various forms – the Greek Hermes, the Roman Mercury, the Norse Odin, to name a few. Notice how its realm shifts seamlessly from spirit to soul to matter. Jot things down as we flip between the Gemini and Virgo sides of this magical planet. Listen how Mercury’s tone can be modified by the four elements. Puzzle your way through the stories and symbolism, and watch Mercury come alive in the natal chart.


Enrol onto Psychopomp, Trickster and Thief: Mercury in the Natal Chart here.

21 April 2018: Working with Solar Arc Directions*
Tutor: Stevi Gaydon

Stevi GaydonSolar Arc Directions are based on the principle that for every year of life all the planets, angles and points in the chart are moved the same distance along the zodiac as the transiting Sun moves in a day. Solar Arc Directions tend to describe our consciousness at a particular time and seem not to be influenced by inner psychological processing so, when a Solar arc directed planet triggers a natal planet that often coincides with life events. In this seminar, we will consider the principles of Solar Arc Directed Charts and examine the directed charts of some well-known people at significant points in their lives.


Enrol onto Working with Solar Arc Directions here.

2 June 2018: Pluto Transits to the Natal Chart*
Tutor: Cat Cox

When we meet Pluto by transit, we enter a period of greater depth and intensity in our lives. With his capacity for evoking deep change, during these times we may be acquainted with themes of power and survival or experience the loss and letting go of aspects of self and identity, of relationships or the end of a phase of our life. We may find ourselves embarking on a process of change and transformation which is reflected in the myth of Persephone who descends down to Hades’ realm in the autumn but returns empowered and renewed every spring. During these transits we have the opportunity to recognise that this is a process of radical transformation which can renew our lives and enable us to reconnect more deeply with ourselves. During this seminar we will delve into Pluto’s symbolism and mythology and explore the experience and meaning of these powerful and transformative transits to the natal chart.

Enrol onto Pluto Transits to the Natal Chart here.

16 June 2018: Working with Aspect Patterns - The Stellium, The T-Square and the Grand Trine
Tutor: Frances Clynes

Aspect patterns occur when three or more planets are connected by one or more aspects. The configuration can be harmonious or challenging, and can show talents that come easily to us, or complex tensions that can spur us to achievement. This seminar will introduce the most commonly used aspect patterns and using example charts of well-known people, look at how they can manifest in the life.



Enrol onto Working with Aspect Patterns - The Stellium, The T-Square and the Grand Trine here.

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