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The Moon’s Nodes

Tutor: Frances Clynes
Price: £30

The Moon’s Nodes are formed where the Moon’s orbital path crosses the ecliptic, or path of the Sun. These two points, the South Node and the North Node, form an important axis in the chart concerned with finding balance between our reliance on what is ingrained or familiar and the new skills and ways of being which we also feel impelled to develop. These points tell a story of personal growth which brings us into contact with the people, situations and experiences which will act as catalysts in that ongoing process of growth and personal development. This seminar explores the meaning of the Moon’s Nodes and how to interpret them within the wider picture of the birth chart.

Frances Clynes: Frances began studying astrology in 1987 with the Irish Astrological Association. She has been practising and teaching since 1989. In 2007, Frances was awarded an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology by Bath Spa University and is currently a tutor at the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, where she also gained a PhD.

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Identifying the Main Themes for Foundation Level Whole Chart Interpretation

Tutor: Stevi Gaydon
Price: £30

When we interpret a natal chart, we are translating a rich tapestry of multi-layered symbols into a recognisable character image with meaning for the recipient. Each symbol is complex in its own right, a thread comprised of many strands of potential meaning. With so much information at our fingertips it can be easy to get tangled up in the details. How do we begin to identify which particular strands are likely to feel most relevant to the person’s overall experience and how? In this seminar we follow a structure that helps us look for clues to the more common themes and we will examine a natal chart to explore in practice how personal themes gradually come into focus.

Stevi Gaydon: Stevi's working life has been focused on communications. After working as a mathematics teacher she was a sales, negotiation and interpersonal skills trainer working with people in business. Stevi's interest in astrology developed from 2003 when she began studying with the Faculty. She gained her Diploma in 2010 and has been a Faculty tutor since 2011, she also runs an astrological practice. Stevi gained her MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, in 2016.

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Practical Magic

Tutor: Clare Martin
Price: FREE

In 'Practical Magic' Clare explores how astrology helps us to live magically in everyday life. She argues that through an understanding of the very practical relationship between the signs of the zodiac and the traditional seasonal festivals and rituals our knowledge of the signs is enhanced and that helps us transform our art into lived experience.

Clare Martin: Clare’s approach to astrological interpretation evolved gradually from her studies with a variety of teachers in the western mystery traditions. In teaching and client work, her personal orientation is fundamentally Jungian. She has a Masters Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling from City University, London. Her dissertation explored the relationship between astrology, Carl Jung’s alchemical studies and Stanislav Grof’s perinatal matrices. Clare has the Diplomas of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and the Centre for Psychological Astrology, where she taught the Introduction to Psychological Astrology course for ten years, and was a regular lecturer and supervisor of Diploma students. Former President of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, Clare was awarded the Fellowship of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 2010. This was bestowed for exceptional service, ‘Clare’s leadership, immense hard work and passion for astrological education ensured the Faculty grew from strength to strength during her Presidency.’ Clare is the author of Mapping the Psyche, a three volume Introduction to Psychological Astrology. This trilogy is based on the beginners’ course she taught at the Centre for Psychological Astrology and is published by the Wessex Astrologer.

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