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~ Raising the Standard of Astrology since 1948 ~

Founded in London in 1948 we have an international reputation for excellence in astrological education. Our courses are open to all, whether you wish to take a Foundation Course, gain a professional Diploma, or simply attend a module or part-module to brush up your skills in a particular area of astrology.

Faculty Diploma holders include Liz Greene, Melanie Reinhart, Howard Sasportas, Julia Parker and Charles Harvey, who all went on to become world leaders in astrology. Our current Patrons include Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Clare Martin, Julia Parker and Melanie Reinhart. Past Patrons include Dane Rudhyar, John Addey and Baldur Ebertin

Clare Martin is new Patron

We are pleased to announce that Clare Martin F.F.Astrol.S. has been made a Patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Clare served as Faculty President from 2000 – 2009 and was made a Fellow of the school in honour of her many years of work as a tutor and Council member. She is the author of Mapping the Psyche, a three-volume Introduction to Psychological Astrology, as well as her most recent book, Alchemy: The Soul of Astrology. Clare often returns to teach for the Faculty at Summer School in Oxford.

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What our students say...
"The Distance Learning option was a perfect solution for me. There could not have been a better way for me to learn astrology in a thorough and enjoyable way. I am grateful and proud to call myself a Diploma holder."
Geerte Groen
Diploma Holder
"Being a student at the Faculty has been incredibly rewarding in so many ways. It has been a very life enriching experience as the teaching has given me sound principles, guidelines and techniques to help me find my own unique way."
Maria Simeou
Intermediate Exam Success
"I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the London classes and I cannot enough."
Lise-Lotte Jaktlund
Intermediate Exam Success

Have you checked the expiry date of your module credits?

Remember that module credits expire after 6 years unless you validate them by passing the relevant exam at that level. In other words, if you have obtained all Foundation Course module credits, you will need to pass the Certificate Interpretation Exam within six years of completing Module Three in order to validate these credits. The same system of validation applies to the intermediate and advanced levels.

If you have questions about the validation of your credits please contact Lindsay Gladstone, Head of Exams, at exams@astrology.org.uk.

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