London Classes

Spend a few Saturdays in London studying astrology!

Modules 1 to 6 are held in person, conveniently located within a short walk from King's Cross and Euston Stations!

The Faculty’s London classes are a very special experience. Not only is the tuition excellent and thorough, but the format allowed an exciting exchange of ideas and experiences between us all, and I made treasured friendships as a result. Something incredibly life affirming happened in those classes, and I’ll remember it as a time of great personal development as well as astrological deepening.

Diploma Level 2 Student

I have thoroughly enjoyed the module and it more than fulfilled my expectations. The tuition was excellent – insightful, encouraging and knowledgeable – an inspiration to the class.

Module 1 Student

The tutor was supportive, inspiring, encouraging and very clear in her teaching. The course was very well structured and supported through the ample course materials. This has been very important for me to complete a step by step process.

Module 3 Student

Looking at the cycles of transits was a revelation – I have worked with transits more than anything else but hadn’t gone through the cycles of each planet so methodically before and learned how important it is to do that! I liked the way we had the chance to do personal presentations on cycles, as we could hear from different people how they were working, and the tutors were really supportive and encouraging.

Module 4 Student

I was very happy with the tuition. Topics were explained clearly and in depth, and I could follow the classes easily even though I was completely unfamiliar with the subject. I really enjoyed it and would like to thank the tutors for their help and lucid teaching.

Module 8 Student

I particularly enjoyed the authenticity and spontaneity of our interactions, always so meaningful and sincere, which made time seem to fly. We were truly immersed in the environment of astrology for a whole day, in a very complete way, with conversations that were always enriching and incredibly devoted to the greatest of sciences. The classes in person truly built a sense of community and of belonging, the pleasure of being surrounded by people who love astrology, and who respect and admire each other.

Diploma Level 2 Student

The Faculty’s London Classes are held each academic year at a venue in Central London, which is easily accessible from most parts of the UK and continental Europe. Many students choose to study at live classes because it offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to learn from the experiences and examples of other students.

With all of our modules available as weekend seminars, you don’t have to live in London to take advantage of live tuition.  In addition to the class tuition and the full support of your tutor, you will have access to written course material through the Faculty’s Online Learning Environment. This valuable resource supports the work covered in class, and your engagement with the articles will deepen your understanding of each subject as you progress.

Prior to enrolment, please download the Conditions of Enrolment and the Essential Books for Purchase document. If you have any questions or any problems making your enrolment, please get in touch with the Administrator at or email the Head Tutor, Cat Cox, at

Studying the modules in their regular sequence and engaging in only one module at a time best supports and enables your astrological development. For this reason, students may not enrol on more than one module per term.

Summer Term 2024

with Marielle Churaqui and Lisa Stockley
4 sessions, in person (10am–5pm)
     27 April
     18 May
     8 June
     22 June

with Cat Cox and Lisa Stockley
4 sessions, in person (10am–5pm)
     11 May
     1 June
     15 June
     29 June

Before registering for Module 9, please consider whether you feel ready to take this step – questions to ask yourself are: READ MORE

Have you had some practice with friends and family or acquaintances? Do you feel confident of your natal chart work and forecasting? Do you have a good grasp of synastry? It takes time to fully absorb the teaching and gain enough practice to feel confident of taking on a full 90-minute session with someone who is unknown to you, which is the core work of this Module.

Module 9 marks a transition from student to potentially a fully qualified astrologer and naturally most people will go through a personal process as the Module progresses. We will work in a small group and aim to create a ‘safe’ place in which that processing and all the client work can occur. Hence, it is a prerequisite of the course that students find a client of their own and work on preparing for, delivering and reporting back on the session within the timescale given in the Module.

Students will be asked to leave the group if they do not find a client or ignore the timescales and they may be asked to leave if they miss more than 75% of the sessions. In these cases students will not be eligible for a refund.

You should have completed all previous modules before registering for Module 9.

with Cat Cox and Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić
4 online sessions (11am–4pm)
     27 April
     18 May
     15 June
     6 July


Our London Classes are held in locations which are easily accessible in WC1, just a few minutes walk from King’s Cross and Euston stations. Not only is this convenient for travellers, these venues are situated in the Bloomsbury area of London, the birthplace of the Faculty back in 1948.

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