Foundation Course

The Foundation course is designed for complete newcomers to astrology as well as those who wish to consolidate their previous knowledge and reading within a structured course.

Marilyn Monroe Birth Chart

The course aims to provide you with a foundation in the language of astrology and the ability to interpret a birth chart with a good level of confidence. You will learn to calculate and draw up the birth chart, and you will be introduced to the solar system, the seasonal year and to the astronomy which forms the technical basis of our magical art. You will also be introduced to the history of western astrology and encouraged to explore your own ideas about the nature of astrology.

Completion of the Foundation Course is a significant achievement in itself and will provide you with a solid basis for more advanced study.

You can choose 3 ways of completing the Foundation Course. Via Distance Learning, at a London based class or an online class.

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Module 1: Introduction to Astrology: Planets, Signs & Houses

foundation astrology course
WMS 93, Arzneibuch, Book of medical receipts, 16th century, Wellcome Images

This module introduces three of the main building blocks of astrology – the planets, the signs of the zodiac, and the houses. The planets are explored as archetypal drives which express themselves through the energy field of the sign and the territory of the house they occupy, creating our foundation for interpreting the whole chart. The division of the signs by polarity, element and mode is also introduced here. Finally we touch on the concept of the celestial sphere as the astronomical model which gives us our zodiac and the seasonal journey of the Sun.

Module 2: Chart Skills I

The four angles of the birth chart – Ascendant and Descendant, Midheaven and IC – and the concept of planetary rulership are introduced here, as we orient ourselves further within the structure of the birth chart. The inter-relationship between the planets, in the form of aspects and aspect patterns, is also explored, as well as the Sun-Moon relationship in the phases of the Moon and the Moon’s Nodes. Some astronomy is brought in here too, to assist in understanding the construction of the birth chart as we begin learning the craft of calculating the chart by hand. The module ends with an article on the history of western astrology, showing astrology’s place in the flow of western history.

Module 3: Chart Skills II

This module covers retrograde motion and completes the process of chart calculation before exploring the concept of chart imbalances, which show themselves through element and mode balance, distribution of planets and unaspected planets. Gathering together everything learnt so far, you will then be taken step-by-step through the process of whole chart interpretation, from initial note-taking, finding the main themes and potentials of the chart, and integrating everything into a complete written interpretation. Finally, we begin to explore the philosophy of astrology and its place in the modern world.

Foundation Practice Module (3 months tuition time)

Celestial globe, by Isaac Habrecht III, 1646. MikePeel

After you have completed the first three Foundation Modules you may be considering taking the Certificate exam. If you feel you would like additional practice before taking this exam, or simply would like to practice your interpretation skills further, you may take the Foundation Practice Module (a half-module), which gives you the opportunity to go through a whole chart interpretation under the guidance of a tutor via Distance Learning.

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Course Fees

  • Complete Foundation Course (All 3 Modules): £1075 (save £65)
  • Module 1 – Introduction to Astrology: £380
  • Module 2 – Chart Skills I: £380
  • Module 3 – Chart Skills II: £380
  • Foundation Practice Module: £195
  • Certificate Interpretation Exam: £285
  • Student Registration Fee (one-off fee): £35

Credits and Examinations

Taurus, from texts on astronomy, 1001 – 1100, the National Library of Wales

Our courses are designed with one aim in mind – to provide you with a thorough and comprehensive astrological education. There is no pressure on you to take any of the examinations. Whether or not you intend to take the examinations with a view to becoming a professional astrologer, our nine modules in themselves provide a structured and comprehensive astrological education. You will gain credits towards the Faculty Diploma as you work through the modules and when you pass the three Interpretation Exams.

  • Module 1: 20 credits
  • Module 2: 20 credits
  • Module 3: 20 credits
  • Certificate Interpretation Exam: 60 credits

With 120 credits you are awarded the Faculty Certificate.

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Terms and Conditions for Courses and Exams

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Students with Previous Training and Experience in Astrology

Are you coming to the Faculty with considerable knowledge of astrology? This article outlines the importance of working through the modules in sequence: FAS Course Structure: Working through the Modules

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