Summer School 2022

Prepared by Lindsay Gladstone, Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić, and Nicola Perry.

Guest Tutors

Darby Costello
Bernard Eccles
Clare Martin
Chris Mitchell
Matjaž Regovec
Melanie Reinhart
Mark Williams

Faculty Tutors

Toby Aldren, Marielle Churaqui,
Frances Clynes, Cat Cox,
Kim Farley, Stevi Gaydon,
Deborah Morgan, Alejo López,
Glòria Roca, Rosemary Smith,
Lisa Stockley, Carole Taylor,
Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić

This year our delegates came from 35 countries, which is an amazing result! The weekend course Astrology of Grief, facilitated by Clare Martin, focused on the universal, and yet intensely personal experience of grief.

While The Astrological Life, facilitated by Lisa Stockley and Carole Taylor, offered insight into how the immersion of astrology affects every fibre of our being and our perspective on our daily lives. This course was also transmitted live online, a first for the Oxford event!

The 5-day Astrology in Action course comprised 3 tracks: Astrology of Relationships, Emerging from the Collective Trauma, and Astrological Techniques.

A variety of lectures educated, amused, and inspired delegates. The patrons of the Faculty, Clare Martin, and Melanie Reinhart, lectured with wisdom and fun, speaking about attraction of opposites, the art and craft of chart interpretation, Nodal wonders and current squares between Uranus and Saturn, and Chiron and Pholus. Another well-known and much-loved guest tutor, Darby Costello, talked about love and betrayal and encouraged delegates to engage in discussion about their Progressed Moons.

Mark Williams spoke about Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time and how to make love last, even if Saturn and Venus are struggling to integrate in the Natal Chart. Bernard Eccles and Chris Mitchell presented techniques that are not well known by astrologers: the Doctrine of Subsumption and Intentions. Matjaž Regovec led people to deep psychological perspectives of Jung’s Red Book, connections with God and the gradual unfoldment of the individual purpose.

Faculty’s tutors impressed students again with their original, up-to-date, and sometimes provocative themes. Carole Taylor and Alejo López activated deep thoughts about the dark feminine, the nature of desire, modern types of relationships and passion. Lisa Stockley and Marielle Churaqui delivered wise words about mindful healing with astrology, compassion, collective evolution and living by the seasons. Kim Farley moved delegates talking about partnerships and Sylvia Plath, Ted and Frieda Hughes. Cat Cox dived deep into the water houses and the healing path of Chiron. Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić connected personal development with the ancient understanding of functioning of daemons. 

The workshops on Sunday and Wednesday were popular and dynamic. Bernard Eccles presented a historical overview of periods with Pluto in Aquarius and declinations of Pluto, finally inviting a discussion about Pluto in signs in the horoscopes of delegates. He stimulated deep and logical thinking about possible effects coming of Pluto in Aquarius in our lives.

Cat Cox illuminated the Sun in horoscopes of delegates, being original, playful, and focused on every individual perception of Sol. Delegates could truly feel their own light radiating!

Chris Mitchell led a fascinating workshop on the medieval technique of Firdaria, in which delegates were taught how to assess the quality of different periods in their lives according to medieval rules. It was insightful, practical, and delivered with precision and wit.

Kim Farley offered a joyful and creative workshop on poetry, using astrological symbolism as a source of inspiration. This was a pure pleasure and delight for participants!

An established part of the Summer School program is to offer two of the three interpretation modules, however this year we provided all three. This is a fun, intense and very rich way of gaining valuable Course Credits towards the Faculty’s coveted Diploma.

This year, Module 3 (Natal Chart Interpretation: Putting the pieces together) was heavily over-subscribed, and was led by Toby Aldren and Rosemary Smith. Module 6 (Intermediate Interpretation: Integrating and Forecasting) was delivered by Frances Clynes and Deborah Morgan, while Module 9 (Advanced Chart Interpretation and Astro-Consultancy) was led by Stevi Gaydon and Glòria Roca. Students in Modules 6 and 9 had the opportunity to practice live client readings with delegates attending the Astrology in Action tracks, who volunteered to be “guinea pigs”!

Special thanks to Frances Clynes, Lindsay Gladstone, Danny Larkin, Alejo López, and Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić for presenting evening talks which were poetic, funny, entertaining, and enlightening.

Our Gala Dinner evening is always such a highlight, and this year was no exception. The evening began with an uplifting piano concert in the beautiful Chapel performed by Toby Aldren and David Knowles, and the exceptional 3-course dinner, served so beautifully by the experienced catering team, was a joyous occasion.

Clare Martin, in her after dinner speech, offered amusing cameo portraits of the zodiac signs – which everyone could relate to! Many delegates enjoyed the disco that followed, which rounded off a perfect evening!

The Faculty Council look forward to welcoming you to Summer School 2023, which will be held at the impressive venue of Exeter College, Oxford, 18th-25th August. Please book early in 2023 in order to avoid disappointment!

Here is what some of this year’s delegates had to say about their Summer School experience:

“The entire week was so rich and enlightening in soul, mind and spirit.”

“Thank you so much for this incredibly inspiring week. It is a gift to be a part of it.”

“I feel that this is a profound community in which I am made welcome.”

Photos from Summer School 2022

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The Gala Dinner Evening

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Summer School 2023
18th to 25th August

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