Journey through Astrology

JourneyThroFCJourney through Astrology: Charting the Astrological Voyage of Discovery

Edited by Laura Andrikopoulos, Cat Cox and Carole Taylor


The Faculty Press has been long in gestation. Founded in 1948, the Faculty of Astrological Studies has been dedicated to excellence in astrological education for over sixty-five years and has been committed to providing each successive generation with sufficient training to understand the central elements of astrological theory and practice. It has achieved this by developing a rigorous set of courses and examinations, designed to ensure that its prestigious Diploma is gained only by those who are truly dedicated to their astrological studies and craft. Over the years, the Faculty has published a few works, yet, in contrast to this book, these have been of the nature of teaching material, often concerned with the practical skills and techniques of astrological interpretation.

What then makes this book so different? We believe this current work is unique amongst the currently available astrology-related publications, for this work is not concerned with techniques or interpretation but addresses the inner experience of the astrological journey. It interweaves the personal reflections of the authors with their specific chapter theme.

We might say that Venus had a hand in this book. In the Faculty’s chart, Venus lies retrograde in Cancer in the 8th house. Her gentle, mysterious and deep beauty is turned inward, away from the outside world. To find her you must first penetrate the outer shell – commit to a rigorous process of study and examination. This might make it seem as though enrolling as an astrology student were just like enrolling for any other course. But this is far from the case.

Those on the inside of the Faculty, who are part of the Faculty family – our students, tutors, Council, alumni, patrons and friends throughout the international astrological community – well understand both its inner and outer beauty. But there are many who may not quite understand the nature of the subject they are attracted to, and who believe that they can easily gain knowledge and qualifications in astrology just as with more conventional subjects, without substantial inner change. The outside of the Faculty and other astrological schools may speak of rigour, taxing examinations and qualifications but the inner story of astrology, the finding, learning, loving, despairing of it but then falling in love with it over again, and living it, is one that is not so easily captured by a formal educational process. Yet it is there, awaiting discovery, awaiting communication.

And so, as Pluto in Capricorn opposed the Faculty’s Venus, the Faculty Council explored and debated the question of how to transform the inner beauty of the journey through astrology into tangible form. This book is the result. We hope you will enjoy its 8th house Venus in Cancer flavour: the joy of finding astrology and its esoteric secrets, of being captivated and bewitched by its numinous archetypal allure, of developing one’s own relationship to its mysterious and sometimes maddeningly irrational components. In this book, the journey through astrology awaits you, the journey that each who is called to deeply enter the heart of this ancient practice must take.

The book consists of ten chapters, each written by a different author. The first eight chapters each seek to explore some aspect of the journey through astrology whilst the final two offer reflections on their lives in astrology from two of the world’s most respected astrologers: Darby Costello and Melanie Reinhart.

Chapter one explores the initial awakening, that process of becoming acquainted with astrology for the first time, the realisation that one has stumbled upon something of momentous import. This can be a rather jolting experience, as the world around one begins to appear somewhat different and the symbolic mode of perception starts to awaken. Chapters two, three, and four describe the process of learning to interpret astrological symbolism and horoscopes, of grappling with the issue of forecasting, and of really starting to become one’s own astrologer.

With chapter five we move to a consideration of the ethics of astrological knowledge and practice, of navigating the perils and pitfalls that could await the budding practitioner. Chapter six goes on to explore how the astrological experience may be shared with another through the medium of a consultation or reading, and the journey that accompanies that sharing.

The question of integrating astrology into one’s spiritual journey forms the basis of the richly poetic chapter seven, whilst in chapter eight we consider the realities of astrology’s place in the modern world and how each person who makes the journey through astrology comes to terms with being a citizen of two seemingly discordant worldviews.

The joys and sacrifices of a life in astrology are recalled in the final two chapters of the book, as we travel with Darby and Melanie on their own journeys.

We have dedicated this book to the student of astrology. It is for all who are journeying through various stages of their astrological lives.

Laura Andrikopoulos, Cat Cox and Carole Taylor


The book costs £14.99 + £2.80 p&p.

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