Diploma Level 1

Prince of Wales birth chart

The aim of the Diploma Level One modules is to extend and deepen your interpretation skills. You will be encouraged to develop an imaginative and sensitive approach to chart interpretation and to address the ethics of good practice.

You will be introduced to the most commonly used forecasting techniques, and learn to interpret a natal chart as it develops over time, incorporating transits, solar returns, secondary progressions and solar arc directions into an integrated natal chart interpretation. During your Level One studies you will be developing your reading and ideas about astrology’s place in the world as a system of thought, and its relationship to philosophy, psychology, literature, religion, science and the mystery traditions.



Module 4: Time I – Transits and Solar Returns

Mystères d’Eleusis, Votive plaque

Planetary cycles are at the heart of astrological forecasting – in this module you will learn how to interpret the planets in transit, as their dynamic motion brings to life the potential contained within the natal chart, and learn how to evaluate and synthesise the transits according to their relative importance. The forecasting technique of solar returns is also included here. Finally, you are encouraged to engage with astrology as a system of thought and explore its relationship to other systems, such as psychology, religion and science.

Module 5: Time II – Progressions and Directions

This module introduces two forecasting techniques based on the idea of movement according to symbolic time – secondary progressions and solar arc directions. Chart examples are used to illustrate the differences between progressions and directions, and between symbolic timing techniques and the ‘real time’ techniques of transits and solar returns.

Module 6: Intermediate Interpretation

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This is a practical module designed to build skills and confidence through practising the interpretation skills learned so far and then combining them with all the forecasting techniques to produce an integrated picture of the natal chart set within a particular forecasting period. In preparation for Diploma level II, consultancy skills will be introduced, within the context of a short ‘live’ chart reading, so that you can begin to take your astrology to the next level, deepening your interpretation and developing the skills of conducting a dialogue and creating rapport with a client.

Intermediate Practice module (3 months tuition time)

After completing Modules 4, 5 and 6 you may be considering taking the Intermediate exam. If you feel you would like additional practice before taking the exam or simply would like to practice your interpretation and forecasting skills further, you may take the Intermediate Practice Module, (a half-module) which gives you the opportunity to practice your interpretation and forecasting skills under the guidance of a tutor via Distance Learning.

Course Fees

The Three Graces, The French School, 1800 from Christie’s

Module 4 – Transits and Solar Returns: £415

Module 5 – Progressions and Directions: £415

Module 6 – Intermediate Interpretation: £415

Intermediate Practice Module: £210

Intermediate Interpretation Exam: £315

Student Registration Fee (one-off fee): £35

Credits and Examinations

Our courses are designed with one aim in mind – to provide you with a thorough and comprehensive astrological education. There is no pressure on you to take any of the examinations. Whether or not you intend to take the examinations with a view to becoming a professional astrologer, our nine modules in themselves provide a structured and comprehensive astrological education. You will gain credits towards the Faculty Diploma as you work through the modules and when you pass the three Interpretation Exams.

Module 4: 20 credits
Module 5: 20 credits
Module 6: 20 credits

Intermediate Interpretation Exam: 60 credits

Terms and Conditions for Courses and Exams

Students with Previous Training and Experience in Astrology

Are you coming to the Faculty with considerable knowledge of astrology? This article outlines the importance of working through the modules in sequence: FAS Course Structure: Working through the Modules

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