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The Faculty is Family to many; this includes students and tutors, past and present. Relationships, a sense of community and, for those involved in running the Faculty, being part of a team are all highly significant.

Love of Astrology

Astrology is central to FAS; it is ‘bone deep’. Always not-for-profit, the Faculty was born from a group; renewals and decisions occur because of the group mind rather than ‘fads’ or individuals. The motivation is a love of astrology, gratitude towards it, and a desire to give back.


As a Gemini organisation, duality and flexibility are key. We are Mercurial in that we teach the vocabulary and the students learn how to speak it in their own way, with their own meaning. We teach the astrology of people, a ‘global’ astrology with no dogma that has evolved in style and philosophy and continues to do so. We aim to be accessible, approachable, and transparent in our teaching.


Our core mission is to raise the standard of astrological education and practice. Our material and the path to gain the Diploma (and the other exams) are rigorous and demanding.


The Faculty works in and continues a tradition and thread, incorporating new ideas whilst keeping a ‘strong centre’. We respect the tutors of the past and are carrying on their work; our living astrology connects to the past and the present, and we pass it on to future generations. We also work with other organisations to support the development of astrology.

Soul Seeking

We encourage students learning astrology to develop an inner connection to it and the cosmos. This becomes a journey of soul seeking – a nurturing, life-changing exploration. As consciousness changes, so individual authenticity is brought out.

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