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ONLINE SEMINARS are open to everyone. Many topics directly support the material of the Faculty course modules, making them ideal for Faculty students. However, no previous affiliation with the Faculty is required in order to enrol.

Each seminar costs £35. You do not need to attend in real time. Your enrolment gives you access to a recording for 30 days – perfect for review or if you were unable to attend when the seminar was broadcast.

The Faculty uses Zoom as an online platform. If this is your first time enrolling, please read Joining an Online Seminar Using Zoom. Prior to booking, see the Conditions of Enrolment.  Please email with any queries.

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with Deborah Morgan
Saturday 25th September
3.00-4.30pm BST

Advanced Level

We all know that the time of birth is a vital piece of information when constructing a birth chart. Together with date and place, the moment of birth grounds us in the physical world of planet, society and family and the realm of our personal experience. But what if this moment is not known?

Many clients don’t know their birth time and rectification is an extremely useful skill for the consultant astrologer which enables this issue to be addressed effectively. Even if a birth time is provided, its accuracy often cannot be guaranteed and can be problematic. In short, which time is the ‘right’ time?

This online seminar and introduce the philosophical background to this intriguing technique and will provide a clear methodology for rectifying a chart which provides an effective birth time for astrological purposes.

It is recommended that attendees are fully familiar with natal chart work and forecasting methods in depth in order to benefit fully from the online seminar.


Two Seminars with Carole Taylor

9th October – Illuminating the Self: The Journey of the Progressed Sun
16th October – Inner Tides: Understanding Your Progressed Moon

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Illuminating the Self: The Journey of the Progressed Sun

with Carole Taylor
Saturday 9th October
3.00-4.30pm BST

Intermediate Level

The Sun in the birth chart reflects our intrinsic sense of self, providing a focus of meaning and purpose. Moving at about one degree of arc per year, the progressed Sun shows one of the ways in which this sense of self is forged over time – as it moves slowly through the chart, whatever it touches becomes the focus for self-development, as we move from the seed of selfhood that we possess as children to the mature expression of ourselves in adult life.  In this seminar, we will think about what this journey means as a whole, as well as the significance of each stage – movements of the progressed Sun through signs and houses, and the aspects it makes to planets and other points in the chart.

Inner Tides: Understanding Your Progressed Moon

with Carole Taylor
Saturday 16th October
3.00-4.30pm BST

Intermediate Level

Progressions reflect the changing shape of our inner world, and perhaps none more powerfully than the progressed Moon. As it moves through the houses, we encounter and absorb experiences through soul and body, weaving them into memory. In addition, we have two cycles to consider – firstly the progressed Moon’s cycle in relation to its own place, a cycle of emotional development, and secondly its cycle in relation to the Sun, which demarcates the main chapters of our lives. Along the way, the progressed Moon traverses the houses and touches each planet in turn – it shows where we feed at any given time, or where we seek a sense of belonging or connection, where what is unfamiliar becomes familiar and ingrained. This seminar will explore the meaning of the progressed Moon – through its aspects to other chart factors, its progress through the houses, and its cycles in relation to itself and to the Sun.

Chiron in the Natal Chart

with Alejo López
Saturday 23rd October
3.00-4.30pm BST

Foundation Level

Chiron, the maverick, the trickster, the wounded, the master, the healer and the shaman… In this seminar, we will summon Chiron’s guidance as to understand his role in a natal chart. We will study the astronomy of Chiron, his myth and his discovery. We will thus discover Chiron’s importance when doing natal chart analysis, what message he may trying to convey by sign, house and aspects, how we can honour him, and how we can address all of this in a consultation.

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The Angles of the Chart
Rosemary Smith ~ 6 November

Uranus Transits
Mark Fountain ~ 27 November

Synastry: Chart Comparison
Cat Cox ~ 4 December

The Nodes of the Moon
Alejo López ~ 11 December

FAS Christmas Seminar
Deborah Morgan ~ 18 December

Speaking to the Times
Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić ~ 15 January

Planetary Returns
Carole Taylor ~ 29 January

Neptune Transits
Stevi Gaydon ~ 5 February

Positive Potential of Hard Aspects
Alejo López ~ 19 February

The National Chart and Planetary Cycles
Two seminars with Mark Fountain ~ 26 February & 19 March

Solar Returns and Lunar Returns
Two seminars with Kim Farley ~ 5 March & 30 April

Aspect Patterns
Lisa Stockley ~ 12 March

The Luminaries and The Inner Planets
Two seminars with Toby Aldren ~ 7 & 14 May

Weighing It All Up
Carole Taylor ~ 21 May

Consultancy Skills
Cat Cox ~ 28 May

Using House Rulerships
Toby Aldren ~ 11 June

Solar Arc Directions
Deborah Morgan ~ 18 June