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ONLINE SEMINARS are open to everyone. Many topics directly support the material of the Faculty course modules, making them ideal for Faculty students. However, no previous affiliation with the Faculty is required in order to enrol.

Each seminar costs £35. You do not need to attend in real time. Your enrolment gives you access to a recording for 30 days – perfect for review or if you were unable to attend when the seminar was broadcast.

The Faculty uses Zoom as an online platform. If this is your first time enrolling, please read Joining an Online Seminar Using Zoom. Prior to booking, see the Conditions of Enrolment.  Please email with any queries.

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Planetary Cycles
Part 2 of 3 – Exploring the Astrology of the ‘Mid-life Crisis’

with Mark Fountain
Saturday 4th May
3.00–4.30pm BST

This webinar explores the major planetary cycles that make up the so-called ‘mid-life crisis’, focusing in particular on those which occur in our early to mid-forties, namely Saturn opposition Saturn, Uranus opposition Uranus and Neptune square Neptune. What can a study of these transits tell us about this momentous period? Is it really a ‘crisis’ or should we use completely different language to talk about this period? After all, it is frequently an exciting transitional period leading us to greater self-awareness and personal fulfilment. The webinar will include a consideration of how our response to earlier points in these cycles may influence our experience of the mid-life period.

And perhaps most importantly of all, we will try to answer some fundamental questions. What opportunities for growth do these key stages in major planetary cycles provide? How can we successfully navigate this period and make the most of it? How are we likely to be changed by the transits of this time? And how should we seek to help and guide those who are going through this important period?

Intermediate Level – ENROL HERE

Round and Round the Horoscope: The Difference between Signs and Houses in the Natal Chart

with Stefanie Gutwenger
Saturday 11th May
3.00–4.30pm BST

The 12 zodiac signs and the 12 houses share the same number and some symbolic analogies. However, they are not the same. Whilst the houses describe the areas of life concerned, the signs tell us how the planetary energies are being expressed.

In this seminar we will focus on their differences using plenty of examples. Being able to distinguish between houses and signs will help you to develop clear and meaningful interpretations.

Foundation Level – ENROL HERE

The Solar Return Chart

with Lisa Stockley
Saturday 25th May
3.00–4.30pm BST

The Solar Return chart is the annual renewal of our solar journey, giving us a deep and rich insight into where we are in the unfolding of that journey, the turning of our personal wheel. Mapping the cycles of our initiation into self development and personal growth, the chart shows how and where our energy is best focused for the year. Using plenty of practical examples as well as a theoretical overview, in this seminar we’ll explore the Solar Return chart in depth. We’ll consider what it might show us, how to interpret this ephemeral yet powerful chart both alone and in the context of the natal chart, and how it fits with the rest of the forecast picture.

Intermediate Level – ENROL HERE


Planetary Cycles
Part 3 of 3 – Planetary Cycles in our Fifties and Sixties: The Adventure Continues

with Mark Fountain
Saturday 1st June
3.00–4.30pm BST

At around the age of 50, we all have our Chiron Return. This can be a significant moment when what was once thought to be a huge gap between the spiritual and material worlds can seem to close, when potentially we can reach a new level of emotional maturity and acceptance after the challenges of the ‘mid-life crisis,’ and can start to embrace a new role as an ‘apprentice elder’, hopefully using our accumulated experience and wisdom to help others.

Further important stages in major planetary cycles occur throughout our fifties and sixties, each potentially building on previous turning points, with the Chiron Return followed very closely by a Saturn square Saturn, then a Nodal Return at 55, before we all face a second Saturn Return at the age of 58. In our early sixties, a burst of renewed self-belief, a desire for new forms of personal freedom, and even a possible rediscovery of the rebellious or audacious spirit of our youth may all be possible as we enjoy our fifth Jupiter Return at 60 and embark on the rollercoaster ride of Uranus square Uranus at around 62.

What does a study of these cycles tell us about the unique nature of this potentially deeply fulfilling period of our lives? We consider the challenges of this period and what the potential rewards can be if we consciously work with these cycles, thereby ensuring that personal growth and self-discovery continue throughout our lives.

Intermediate Level – ENROL HERE


Making the Most of the Transits of Chiron

with Mark Fountain
Saturday 6th July
3.00–4.30pm BST

This webinar will explore the rich potential of Chiron transits, focusing – as we always should with all transits – on how they facilitate growth and self-development.

There is little doubt that during Chiron transits we may become acutely aware of how vulnerable we are in a particular area of life, but this may paradoxically turn out to be the proverbial ‘blessing in disguise’ as it puts us in a better position to guide others who face similar issues to ourselves. But there is more to Chiron transits than that. They bring many other gifts: a wise acceptance of ourselves and the way things are, a willingness to embrace our initially uncomfortable sense of being ‘different’ from others, perhaps different in ways we may not have chosen. The transits may also symbolize a chance to close the gap we often perceive between the material and spiritual worlds. In other cases, they may signify opportunities for us to learn to handle challenging circumstances, and to do so in a way that is highly resourceful and brings out in us some very special, unique qualities.

Intermediate Level – ENROL HERE

Understanding and Working with Retrograde Mercury

with Mark Fountain
Saturday 27th July
3.00–4.30pm BST

For centuries, retrograde Mercury has been blamed for all sorts of inconveniences in our daily lives such as major misunderstandings, delays when travelling, lost possessions, and carelessly written business contracts that lead to serious problems. Even in these more enlightened times, retrograde periods still seem to arouse a great deal of unnecessary anxiety. Why is this so? This seminar aims to take a deeper look at the retrograde periods of Mercury and to focus on the opportunities they present to rethink things, reconsider our opinions, review our progress, and reflect on the past.

We will also consider retrograde Mercury in the birth chart. There’s evidence that throughout history some individuals with retrograde Mercury had a hard time, particularly during their early years or during their time in the educational system, simply because they didn’t think in the same way as others, and as a result their unique talents were often not fully recognized. We consider why that might still happen even today and how society needs to value those who can think ‘outside the box’.

And what happens when progressed Mercury turns retrograde? It can spend two decades or more in that state. We will consider the symbolic meaning of such a period and ask how someone can prepare for it and maximize its potential. And how might an individual have changed mentally and psychologically by the time Mercury moves direct again?

Intermediate Level – ENROL HERE

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