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ONLINE SEMINARS are open to everyone. Many topics directly support the material of the Faculty course modules, making them ideal for Faculty students. However, no previous affiliation with the Faculty is required in order to enrol.

Each seminar costs £35. You do not need to attend in real time. Your enrolment gives you access to a recording for 30 days – perfect for review or if you were unable to attend when the seminar was broadcast.

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12 June 2021
3.00–4.30pm BST
The Unique Power of Harmonics: H5, H7 and H9
with Mónica Teixeira


A harmonic chart is a chart derived from the natal chart, showing a particular number in action.

There are as many harmonics charts as there are possible numbers: like different colours of the light spectrum, each harmonic chart represents a separated picture of the birth chart and, a different aspect of the person’s personality. For instance, the fifth harmonic (H5) shows how the essence of number five works in the person’s life. After presenting the technique we will focus on the H5, H7 and H9, with many significant case studies, where we can really see the unique potential of harmonics.

Three Seminars with Christian Koenig

Christian Koenig, born at the autumn equinox, has been practising astrology for more than 35 years. He is a Certified Astrologer of the German Astrological Association and works with clients and students from all over the world. He is a depth psychologist and trauma therapist holding a university degree equivalent to an MA in psychology. It is his passion to bring back the starry sky to astrology – stars, constellations and planets.

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26 June
3.00–4.30pm BST
Hitch Your Wagon to a Star: An Introduction to Fixed Star Astrology
with Christian Koenig

Stars are the oldest astrological heritage. Long before there were aspects and houses, astrologer-priests observed the stars, night after night. ‘Astrology’ literally means ‘giving meaning to the star’ (astron = star; logos = meaning). In contemporary astrology, however, the stars play only a minor role – if at all. This lecture wants to bring this heritage back: How can the chart be enriched by the dimension of the starry sky? How can the firmament be connected with the chart? What astrological methods are used? After all, we were not only born with a birth chart, but are also a living part of the entire starry sky.

10 July
3.00–4.30pm BST
The Soul of the Night: A Journey to the Starry Sky
with Christian Koenig

Khalil Gibran once said, ‘The sun teaches all living beings the longing for light. But it is the night that raises them to the stars.’ When night falls, the soul awakens. The night is a powerful, magic space that opens when the Sun disappears, when the world becomes silent. Then the starry sky appears. Join Christian on a journey to the current starry sky and listen to some of the old stories associated with the stars.

7 August
3.00–4.30pm BST
Always Forward, Never Backward? The Phenomenon of Retrograde Planets
with Christian Koenig

Retrograde planets don’t have a good press in astrology. There are many astrological approaches for interpreting them, often recommending re-activities: re-flecting, re-orienting, re-vising, re-capitulating … If one works with a one-dimensional model of the sky, a retrograde planet actually does only one lap of honour. But that’s an illusion. If we look to the sky, we see that a retrograde planet suddenly takes wings: it rises, it leaves the ecliptic, it draws a loop in the sky. What do these loops mean? How can we interpret them in astrology?

Two Seminars with Brian Clark

Brian Clark, creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning program, has been an astrological student, consultant and educator for 40+ years. His latest book Astrological Time Seasons of the Soul (May: 2021) considers the ambiguities of time and how astrological techniques help us to navigate its mysteries.

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These are morning seminars in the UK : 10-11.30am BST

When the Transpersonal Transects the Personal

When the slower-moving planets (Jupiter – Pluto) make dynamic aspects to the Luminaries, Mercury, Venus or Mars, something beyond our personal boundary has been inherited, often through cultural, ancestral or familial systems. This forceful combination is again triggered when the slower-moving planet reaches a critical passage in its cycle, as at this time, both the generic and personal transits re-form the natal complex. My intention for our classes is to sharpen our focus on these potent symbols of our horoscope.

Part 1: Powerful Patterns in the Natal Chart – when outer planets overwhelm
Part 2: Generic and Personal Transits – when the pattern repeats in time
All participants will receive notes about how to prepare for these classes.

7 August
10–11.30am BST
Part 1
Powerful Patterns in the Natal Chart – when outer planets overwhelm

with Brian Clark

In Part 1, we will first consider the dynamic combinations of inner and outer planets exploring the potent patterns they suggest. We will prioritize our planetary aspects, looking at what these planetary combinations might suggest from a familial and cultural perspective. 

14 August
10–11.30am BST
Part 2
Generic and Personal Transits – when the pattern repeats in time
with Brian Clark

Here in Part 2, we will study the cyclic times when the generic and personal transits re-form this natal aspect. These passages invite us to find deeper meaning and resonance with the part of our life that is imaged by the natal planetary combination.