Online Workshops

To supplement your online learning, we now offer Online Workshops from time to time. These are typically three 2-hour sessions with limited enrolment, open to Faculty students and to guests with appropriate astrological experience.

Interpretation Workshops – Foundation Level

Natal Chart Interpretation

Increase your skills in natal chart analysis.
Build confidence in articulating the main themes of a chart. 

All participants are expected to be able to interpret:

  • The distribution of planets by polarity, elements and modes
  • Chart shaping and imbalances, if any
  • Planets in their signs and houses
  • The four angles of the chart
  • The Sun-Moon relationship
  • The nodal axis
  • Planets as rulers of angles and houses
  • Aspects and aspect patterns in the chart

Prior to the first session, you will be sent a chart we will use for the workshop. From the analysis and synthesis of the chart factors, we will work together to identify the main chart themes.

This workshop is suitable for students who have completed Modules 1, 2 and 3. Students enrolling on this workshop should be familiar with the Faculty’s psychological approach.

£135 for a series of 3 sessions. Prior to booking, please read Conditions of Enrolment for Workshops.

Next workshop

12th, 19th and 26th January
6.30–8.30pm (UK Time)
with Alejo López

Interpretation Workshops – Intermediate Level

Natal Chart Interpretation + Forecasting

Practise your forecasting skills.
Consider how best to convey the information to a client.

This workshop is intended for students who have completed Modules 4 and 5 and who want to practise their forecasting skills. Others are welcome to enrol, provided they have experience interpreting:

  • Transits
  • Solar Return charts
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Arc Directions

One week before the workshop begins, you will be sent a natal chart and will be asked to prepare some thoughts about it. At the start of the first session, we’ll discuss the main themes of the chart, which is a vital part of any consultation and the basis of creating a forecast. From there, we will consider how to prioritise the many forecasting factors, using our findings to extract and describe the main forecasting themes for the period in question. In addition, we will consider how to discuss our interpretations with a client.

£155 for a series of 3 sessions. Prior to booking, please read Conditions of Enrolment for Workshops.

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