Liz Greene: Jung and Astrology

RECORDINGS AVAILABLE of this weekend workshop with Dr Liz Greene on Jung’s Astrology and the Planetary Journey of the Red Book. The workshop was held in Cornwall in May 2017 and co-hosted by The Faculty of Astrological Studies and Heaven & Earth Workshops. The recordings of this unique workshop are available for purchase as a digital download.

The weekend was devoted to a study of Jung’s astrological work, and in particular the astrology that suffuses his own private diaries, known as The Red Book. It brought to attention Jung’s lifelong involvement with astrology and his profound influence on the development of astrology in the 20th century and into our own times.

Dr. Liz Greene is a pioneer in the field of psychological astrology and one of its most revered exponents. This recording is a unique opportunity to benefit from her extraordinary scholarship and insight, and from a lifetime of study of Jung’s work, including access to his private papers.

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The recordings contain over 13 hours of teaching time and are priced at £100 for the set.

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This is a recording of a live workshop. We apologise for a few minor problems with the sound quality in session 1-A.

Workshop co-facilitators:  Carole Taylor and Evelyn Roberts 

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