Diploma Level II is Evolving!

Beginning 1st September with Module 7, followed in sequence for rest of the academic year with Modules 8 and 9, students who enrol on Diploma Level II will experience a newly structured version of the course.  These course changes will apply to all types of study: Distance Learning via Email, London Classes, and Online Classes.

Rather than the current ‘a la carte’ method of gaining credits with Part Modules, students enrolling on Module 7 this September will step into our new Pathways series – choosing Astrology of Relationships or Advanced Techniques. Everyone will begin with a study of relationships using Synastry and Composite charts, then branch off into one of the two streams: (a) Astrology of the Family, or (b) Midpoints and Harmonics. 

For students in London Classes or Online Classes, the timing of these two options will be set so you can enrol on both pathways if you so choose. As well, Distance Learning students will be able to extend their tuition time should they choose to experience both pathways rather than selecting one.

The new Module 8 – The Astrology of World and Place – will be launched in the last quarter of 2021, with the new Module 9 following early in 2022. Students who are currently studying Module 7 in the part-modules format will be able to complete the module in its present form, then switch over to the newer material for Modules 8 and 9.

We look forward to welcoming the first students into our new Diploma Level II this autumn.


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