Day Delegate options for Tutors-Officers (Pay Later)


All meals, including breakfast for those staying at Cohen Quad, will be served at the Exeter College Dining Hall, Turl Street.

Select as desired *

If you need accommodation and prefer an en-suite room,
please tick BOTH ‘standard room with breakfast’ and ‘upgrade to en-suite’.

Dietary Requirements *

Please identify your dietary requirements here. If you have more specific requirements, list them in the next box. Select ‘Not Applicable’ if you are not having any meals with us.

More specific Dietary Requirements, if any

Gala Dinner *

Please reconfirm your plan to attend the Gala Dinner on Thursday evening. There is no charge for all Tutors and Officers. A charge applies should you wish to bring a guest. (Use ‘Other Information’ box below to let us know the name of your guest and to specify any dietary restrictions.)

Name-tag *

We will prepare a name-tag for you for identification and security purposes. How would you like your name displayed? Please include first and last name. Also, please state your roles within the Faculty (e.g., Distance Learning Tutor, Manager of House Systems, etc.)

Other Information

Use this space to provide other information if needed. If bringing a guest to the Gala Dinner, provide full name and mention their dietary restrictions, if any.

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