Summer School Recordings

The following recordings were recorded live at the Faculty’s Summer School in Oxford.

Recordings are available in the following topics. Once you have chosen your recording click the author name to visit the online shop where you can purchase recordings in mp3 format.

kim teaching
Kim Farley


These recordings cover the basic topics such as Planets, Signs, Elements, Modes, Houses, Angles, Aspects & Aspect Patterns. These sessions are useful as a support for Foundation Course studies.

Joyce Hoen

  • The Luminaries:  The Astrological Sun and Moon
  • The Lunation Cycle and the Chart
  • Mercury the Trickster
  • Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars
  • The Social Planets:  Jupiter and Saturn
  • The Outer Planets:  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
  • Aspect Patterns:  Reading T-Squares
  • Aspect Patterns:  Reading Grand Crosses
  • The Fire Houses
  • The Earth Houses
  • The Air Houses
  • The Water Houses

Kim Farley

  • The Four Elements –  Fire
  • The Four Elements – Earth
  • The Four Elements – Air
  • The Four Elements – Water
  • The Astrological Modes
  • The Ascendant/Descendant Axis
  • The MC/IC Axis
  • Aspects – the Sacred Use of Number

Joanne Wickenburg

  • Hidden Resources: Lunar phases, Nodes, Part of Fortune
  • Working with Conjunctions and Oppositions
  • Working with Squares
  • Working with Trines and Sextiles
  • Chart Interpretation:  Approaches and Techniques
  • Chart Interpretation:  Case Studies
Rob Hand
Rob Hand


Rob Hand

  • Astrology and Magic in the Western Tradition I
  • Astrology and Magic in the Western Tradition II

Liz Greene

  • Astrology and Alchemy:  The Magnum Opus
  • Astrology and Alchemy:  The Basic Ingredients
  • Astrology and Alchemy:  The Stages of the Opus
  • Astrology and Alchemy:  Alchemy in Relationship

Melanie Reinhart

  • Cultural Perspectives:  Shamanism, Chiron and the Centaurs
  • Spiritual Perspectives:  Inner Space and Outer space
SS 2015 Darby teaching
Darby Costello


These recordings feature topics such as Transits & Cycles, Progressions, Directions. They are useful as a support for Part-Module 4a (Planetary Cycles & Transits) and Module 5 (Progressions & Directions) Diploma studies.

Darby Costello

  • The Electric Planet – Uranus in transit
  • Sea of Dreams – Neptune in transit
  • Into Hades – Pluto in transit
  • Symbolic Time – Using Progressions I
  • Symbolic Time – Using Progressions II
  • Forecasting I:  Introduction
  • Forecasting II:  The Progressed Moon and Saturn
  • Forecasting III:  Mars/Venus and Jupiter/Saturn
  • Forecasting IV:  Outer Planet Transits

Liz Greene

  • The Outer Planets— Part A: Pluto, Neptune & Chiron cycles
  • The Outer Planets – Part B: Outer planet links; the Saturn/Pluto cycle
  • Double tape set of the above available at £12 plus p&p

Diane Marcus-Page

  • Symbolic Time – Using Directions – 1
  • Symbolic Time – Using Directions – 2
Mike Harding teaching
Mike Harding


These recordings feature topics such as Midpoints, Harmonics & Electional Astrology. They are useful as a support for Part-Module 8a (Midpoints), Part-Module 8b (Harmonics) and Module 8c (Electional) Diploma studies.

Mike Harding

  • Working with Midpoints I
  • Working with Midpoints II

Peta High

  • The Theory & Use Of Harmonics
  • Working with the Fifth Harmonic
  • Working with the Seventh Harmonic
  • Working with the Ninth Harmonic

Rob Hand

  • Electional Astrology I
  • Electional Astrology II
Bernard Eccles
Bernard Eccles


View all evening talks in online shop.

  • Rob Hand:  Uranus in Pisces
  • Bernard Eccles:  Astrology for the Age of Aquarius
  • Joanne Wickenburg:  The Harmony of the Spheres
  • Darby Costello:  Pluto in Sagittarius:  Navigating the Future
  • Bernard Eccles:  Everything You Wanted To Know About Sun Sign Columns But Were Too Afraid To Ask
  • Rob Hand:  Renaissance Magician – The Work of John Dee
  • Liz Greene:  Burn, Baby, Burn – The Romantic World of the Fire Signs
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