Summer School 2019

Guest Tutors: Lynn Bell, Wade Caves, Darby Costello, Bernard Eccles,
Babs Kirby, Melanie Reinhart, Jane Ridder-Patrick, Sue Tompkins

Faculty Tutors: Toby Aldren, Frances Clynes, Cat Cox, Kim Farley,
Mark Fountain, Stevi Gaydon, Lindsay Gladstone, Deborah Morgan,
Glòria Roca, Rosemary Smith, Carole Taylor, Mónica Teixeira,
Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić

This year our delegates came from 39 countries, which is a record! During the weekend, courses facilitated by Jane Ridder-Patrick and Wade Caves opened new horizons on medical and traditional Western astrology. While Jane gently activated delegates to think about their own healing process, Wade impressed everyone by his fluent and creative delivery on traditional techniques and practices.

The 5-day Astrology in Action course was comprised of 3 tracks: Experiencing astrology; Healing ancestral wounds and Refining our astrological skills. Lynn Bell, who also gave a Sunday workshop on Saturn, elegantly wove together, on a very deep level, the threads of astrological theory and practice. Within the safety of a contained healing environment, Melanie Reinhart brought illumination and induced healing tears when delegates began to connect with and understand patterns from their own inherited ancestral pain. Using original and highly interesting examples, Darby Costello led delegates through their own 4th and 8th astrological houses, and she also facilitated a workshop on the subject of the unremembered ancestors of the 12th house, offering totally new perspectives on the journey of the soul. While on the Sunday, Bernard Eccles gave a stimulating workshop on the possible personal effects of the cycles of the outer planets.

In addition, the Summer school was enriched by lectures from two past Faculty tutors, Sue Tompkins and Babs Kirby. Sue reminded us of the basic rules of even and odd number aspects and aspect patterns, while clearly explaining what person-centred astrology is all about. Babs worked with a closed group of delegates, using astrodrama to explore the complex realm of subpersonalities. Throughout the week Faculty tutors provided a showcase of highly interesting sessions on many subjects, ranging from practical themes, such as local space astrology, retrograde planes and four elements via the psychological themes of narcissism and projections, to symbolic interpretations of the drama of birth.

This year, as an established part of the Summer School program, the Natal Chart Interpretation (Module 3) and the one-day Introduction to Astrology courses were held. Also included in this year’s syllabus was the Intermediate Interpretation: Integrating Forecasting course as well as sessions on Midpoints and Harmonics, all of which were facilitated by Faculty tutors. In addition, for the first time ever, the Faculty organized a 5-day Natal Chart Interpretation Course for Mandarin speaking students; the Faculty tutors for this course were ably assisted by an interpreter, and the entire proceedings were presented in a friendly yet structured atmosphere.

Special thanks to Henrik Bisbo, Wade Caves, Rod Chang, Lindsay Gladstone and Christian Koenig for presenting evening talks which were poetic, funny, entertaining and enlightening.

Before a joyous Gala dinner Toby Alden and David Knowles performed an uplifting piano concert in the Chapel. While Lynn Bell, in her after dinner speech, offered wise words for the future. Many delegates enjoyed the disco that followed, allowing an opportunity to safely release the emotions which were awoken during the deep healing sessions of the past week!

The Faculty Council look forward to welcoming you to Summer School 2020 which will be held at the impressive venue of Exeter College, Oxford, 21st-28th August. Please book early in 2020 in order to avoid disappointment!

Here is what some of this year’s delegates had to say about their Summer School experience:

The entire week was so rich and enlightening in soul, mind and spirit.

Thank you so much for this incredibly inspiring week. It is a gift to be a part of it.

I feel that this is a profound community in which I am made welcome.


Please enjoy these memories of Summer School 2019.

Weekend and Five Day Courses

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Gala Dinner Evening

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