2012-2013 Summer Term

The British Library & St. Pancras Station
The British Library & St. Pancras Station

The Summer term of our London classes will start in April with modules 3, 6 and 9. Module 3 includes workshops on Chart Imbalances, Calculations and Whole Chart Interpretation. During Module 6 tutors will work on Chart Interpretation (including Forecasting) at intermediate level whereas Module 9 will focus on Advanced Interpretation and Astro-Consultancy. Distance learning students may attend one of these classes (except any Module 9 class) to complement their studies with face-to-face tuition.

The programme for our London classes can be downloaded from the website: click here to view. The venue for our classes has very easy access from Kings Cross-St. Pancras (home of the Eurostar) and Russell Square; perfect for people travelling from all areas of the UK and continental Europe.

Please make sure you book early for the classes, to ensure your place. Click here for the online booking centre or here for an Enrolment Form.



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