Autumn 2012 Exam Season Results

Glòria RocaThis Autumn Exam Season was a really successful one for a good number of students. A total of 25 exams were marked: 13 at Certificate level and 12 at Diploma level. I’m delighted to announce that we have 10 new Certificate holders, one of whom obtained the Lindsay Radermacher Award, and 5 new Diploma holders. Moreover, 4 students passed their Intermediate Exam – three of them with Merit. This is indeed a lovely and well-deserved Christmas present for you all and for the entire astrological community!

I would like to mention that the Faculty’s pass mark for the exams is not just 50% but 70% and that this makes “simple Pass mark” much more than that. In fact, passing any of the three exams is a great achievement in itself and implies having a remarkable level of astrological knowledge – something to be truly proud of. So very many congratulations to all these successful students on behalf of the Faculty and its tutor team!
All the awards will be given at the next Faculty Open Day on 23rd March 2013 and we hope you can come to share that lovely event and support your fellow students in their success.

Now it’s my pleasure to announce the names of the new Certificate Holders. They are: Karen Arnone, Carlton Blythen, Guna Bundule, Alessandra Hermann, Alexia Roditou, Vassil Sotirov, Maria Stiopei, Dorothy Unwin,Elaine Wright and a student who wishes to remain anonymous.

Special congratulations to Vassil Sotirov for having gained the Lindsay Radermacher Award for his outstanding Interpretation in the Certificate Exam!

The new Diploma Holders are: Henrik Bisbo, Frances Clynes, Lindsay Gladstone, Spyridon Philippas andAdriana Uribe. They are now entitled to use the coveted D.F.Astrol.S letters after their names. On behalf of the Faculty, I very heartily wish them the best for their life as professional astrologers. I am sure they will help to keep the Faculty’s standards high with their work!

The Full List of 2012 Diploma Holders is: Henrik Bisbo, Frances Clynes, Lindsay Gladstone, Joanna Grant, Spyridon Philippas, Rosemary Smith, Adriana Uribe.

The Full List of 2012 Certificate Holders is: Karen Arnone, Carlton Blythen, Guna Bundule, Elena Dall’Olio, Alessandra Hermann, Emma Kingston, Ira Georgia Kiourti, Belinda Lai, William Leone, Annemette Pedersen, Alexia Roditou, Vassil Sotirov, Maria Stiopei, Baiba Sturite, Dorothy Unwin, Elaine Wright.

Lindsay Radermacher Awards: Ira Georgia Kiourti and Vassil Sotirov

Glòria Roca – Head of Exams

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