A Little Contemplation on Astrology by Irene Maandi

It is a too early to say that I am able to grasp the idea of astrology or that I am ready to formulate any specific definition concerning astrology, as this Universal Art involves so wide realms and so many different layers that it would evidently take a  number of lifetimes to feel at home in this subject.

Astrology may have very various meaning for different people – it is science for some, it could be a game and entertainment for others, it might be a very useful tool for in-depth psychoanalysis or an opportunity to expand our view on life, just to name a few.

For me it has been an excellent way to widen my outlook, as astrology involves a number of different areas, like astronomy, mythology, philosophy, psychology, history of different cultures … I am sure the list will be quite extensive for people who have been active in this area for years. I think that astrology is a kind of bridge that can connect us with the intangible databank which has been built piece by piece since the ancient times and which construction will be in process forever. The translation techniques and tools will evidently change depending on the new possibilities and opportunities but the main essence will stay as it has stayed for thousands of years.

I assume that most astrologers have heard the argument, ’you can say anything and make it fit the circumstances.’ To some extent this statement may be true, as we all are of the same material and sooner or later we are all touched by the same lessons just in different places, at different times and with different magnitude. We know about the cycles of life –if we do not learn the lesson at the first opportunity, we are kindly offered another chance and the next one. Maybe this is the place, where an astrologer can assist and shed some light on the lesson at hand and learn together with his client.

Stanislav Grof in his book The Cosmic Game quotes Teilhard de Chardin: ’We are not human beings who gain spiritual experience.We are spiritual beings who gain human experience.’ In  light of  this quote we can imagine that life is a play and our astrological birth chart is the script we are supposed to follow to get the necessary experience. So, in this case, what are astrologers? Are they stagers, or critics, an audience maybe, or more likely just the other players with their own script? The stagers’ would evidently like to rearrange, make amendments, conduct the show. Critics have become theoretically very intelligent and smart, able to analyse but their help would be limited to some critical judgements without much interference.  It seems quite likely that astrologers have their own script, but their position might be sometimes more complicated.  They might remember or know the reason for the game and when the performance gets too tough they need to remind themselves and others about those underlying reasons..

I believe that all of us have come to this world with some gift or talent to be developed and polished and in most cases there also tends to be some factors that interfere with our plans. As long as we keep projecting the problematic factors on others and keep finding reasons why not live the better or more interesting part of our life, we may feel stuck. As soon as we decide to take responsibility for our life, new perspectives emerge and an absolutely new vision may appear in front of us. Sometimes, a bystander, who can give us a more objective picture of our life patterns and the bottlenecks where we tend to get stuck, can be useful. This is the kind of situation where I see the need for an astrologer who can see both the strengths and weaknesses of the person and is able to discuss them.

We have most of the answers for our problems, we just need the right questions to activate them. When we are back ’in our element’ we feel lighter and better.  That’s when we may just happen to be at the right place at the right time, to meet the right people and get the needful piece of information – the synchronicity starts working.   

As our physical bodies mostly consist of water, salt and minerals, it seems only natural that that our bodies resonate with all the other living creatures in nature, including plants and stones. People may prefer to think that the celestial bodies which seem to be so far away have no impact on us, but it seems to me that we are not only influenced by other planets but also by other dimensions and galaxies. The idea of unity and a level of oneness has become continuously more significant.  It may not just concern the dwellers of Earth but it could have a much wider meaning.

Irene MaadiAbout Irene:

I started with astrology in 2008 and  joined the Faculty in 2011. I have reached Module 6 and I’d like to aim for the Diploma. As a career adviser, I hope to use astrology also in my work.

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