The Presidential Suite of Online Seminars

Roman fresco, Villa dei Misteri, Pompeii

The Presidential Suite of online seminars featured some of the Faculty’s favourite presidents and was created to celebrate our first 70 years. Each president chose a topic which is dear to her heart.


Saturday, 30 June 2018

Accuracy and Ambiguity in Psychological Astrology
with Laura Andrikopoulos

Laura AndrikopoulosIn this lecture we consider the nature of psychological astrology, looking at its requirement for accuracy through a correct birth time but also its ambiguities in relation to variable factors, such as different house systems, plethora of forecasting techniques and crucial dependence on the astrologer making the interpretation. We consider the genius of Dane Rudhyar’s reformulation of astrology in the 1930s, and later developments through the psychological astrologers of the 1970s onwards. This will lead us to reflect on the nature of psychological fate and how engagement with our own chart, and appreciation of psychological astrology’s dual Saturn-Neptune character, assists us in navigating our journey.


Saturday, 14 July 2018

Astrology and Aspects of the Feminine
with Clare Martin

This talk will consider the four structural forms of the feminine psyche identified by Jungian analyst Toni Wolff. In her study of opposites, Wolff discusses the archetypes of the Mother and Hetaira, of the Amazon and the Medial feminine, each of which are present in our charts, to different degrees. An exploration of the stories, myths and images relating to each of these forms, their positive and shadow qualities, and their immature and mature expressions, can lead to a deeper appreciation and understanding of our own instinctive orientation and of the unknown archetypal aspects of the feminine which may be more consciously developed.


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Telling Our Personal Story: Astrology as Narrative Medicine
with Carole Taylor

Each of us has our own unique story and we might say that the power of astrology lies in its capacity to allow this story to be told. As a system of living archetypes within a rational form, the chart is itself a symbol of the art of giving a shape to human passions, much like a sonnet or a play or a painting bounded by a frame. Narrative medicine is a form of healing which sees the personal story as being at the root of health and illness – and in this context, astrology offers us a truly holistic framework, the chart a meeting place of body, soul and spirit. We will explore the power of myth and the rich and often paradoxical complexities of symbol, the power of planetary cycles which bind together past, present and future, and the ways in which the chart gives a voice to the soul, sets us in the context of our ancestry and enables us to articulate our deepest feelings and experiences.


Saturday, 20 October 2018

Stepping onto a Path of Stars: Practising an Ancient Art in Contemporary Times
with Cat Cox

Cat Cox

Astrology has always found a way to call us to a deeper more soulful relationship with life which is imbued with pattern and meaning. Across millennia she has perennially adapted to changing times going underground into the psychological streams of the 20th C to remain accessible today. In our modern era, which values the material and rational dimensions of life to the radical exclusion of the soulful and imaginal experience, forging a relationship with astrology may be all the more challenging and precious. So how might we find this path, what might it require of us and what might we discover along the way.

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