The Faculty’s 70th Anniversary 1948-2018


70 years of excellence in astrological education

In 2018, the Faculty of Astrological Studies celebrates its 70th birthday.

Throughout its history, it has sought to keep alive the bright flame of astrological learning, providing a place where students can gain not only a sound understanding of chart interpretation and consultancy skills, but also engage with the mystery of this ancient art and with the process of self-development, themes which are the heart of the astrological journey.

The Faculty continues to uphold a standard of excellence, through its distance learning programme, its London classes, its online and day seminars, and the annual Summer School, where participants from around the world can share in a magical week of learning.

At our 2018 Summer School, we will celebrate our 70th anniversary at the Thursday-night Gala Dinner, with former President Clare Martin as guest speaker and contributions from key members of the Faculty team. Bring something special to wear!


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