Faculty Open Day 2018

Faculty Open Day 2018

Saturday 24 March, 2018 11am-5pm

Theme: Astrology – The Future of an Ancient Art
Guest Speaker: Dr Nicholas Campion

Hugo Ballin, Ceiling Mural, Griffiths Observatory, Los Angeles

Fyvie Hall, Regent Street, London, was the popular venue for Faculty Open Day held on Saturday 24th March.

Our theme for the day ‘Astrology: The future of an ancient art’, gave our three student speakers an opportunity to put forward their ideas on how astrology could evolve in these ever changing times. Irena Badrov mooted the concept of astrology being learnt during childhood; esoteric knowledge being passed down by parents to their children. Anne-Marie de Roy underlined the importance of maintaining the symbiotic ecological connection of ‘as above, so below’ and questioned the transformational effect, in astrological terms, of surgical organ transplants. While Elaine Lim proposed the healing benefits of applying transpersonal psychology within astrology.

After lunch our Faculty President Cat Cox reported on the successful expansion of the Faculty’s teaching programme. Reaching out using the latest technology the Faculty today offers online seminars and this year will mark the launch of the Foundation course online. In addition a physical presence of the Faculty extends to China and America.

Gloria Roca, Head of Exams, reminded everyone of the importance of the ethics that lie behind the Faculty’s approach to an astrological education before opening the award ceremony by calling upon our guest speaker, Associate Professor of Cosmology and Culture Dr. Nick Campion of University of Wales, Trinity St. David, to congratulate our award winners by presenting to them the Faculty Certificate or Diploma.

The ceremony was followed by a forum, ‘Astrology in the time of transition’ presented by Faculty tutors, Rosemary Smith and Toby Aldren. Thought provoking and at times humorous their presentations questioned the meaning of the Age of Aquarius and different concepts of time.

The final item in the day’s programme was an illuminating lecture made by Nick Campion. Titled, ‘Astrology’s Future – not forgetting the Present and Past’, was a consideration of the notions of the Self, described as Soul by the ancients, and the question of whether these considerations allowed us to transcend our birth charts.

The event welcomed 86 delegates. An excellent turnout that included so many family and friends of the award winners who had come along to celebrate this special day with our students. Esteemed guests from the astrological community included Laura Andrikopoulos, Darby Costello, Bernard Eccles, Mike Harding, Babs Kirby, Lindsay Radermacher, Melanie Reinhart and Sue Tompkins.

The two MA courses that the Faculty affiliates itself with, ‘Cultural Astronomy and Astrology’ of University of Wales, Trinity St. David and ‘Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred’ of Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, were represented and the Astrological Association and The Astrological Lodge were also on hand.

Hearty congratulations go to our award winners and thank you to Nick and all of the speakers for their inspiring presentations.

Lindsay Gladstone, Faculty Day Organiser

Speaker Presentation Videos:

Nick Campion -Guest Speaker


Dr Nicholas Campion:  Astrology’s future – not forgetting the present or the past





Toby Aldren

Toby Aldren:  Astrology in the Time of Transition Part 1






Rosemary Smith


Rosemary Smith:  Astrology in the Time of Transition Part 2





Irena Badrov Student Speaker


Irena Badrov:  Astrology of the Future – Left brain or Right brain?





Elaine Lim Student Speaker


Elaine Lim: A Psycho-therapeutic view of astrology – The way forward for humanity





Anne-Marie de Roy



Anne-Marie de Roy: As above so below – An astrological journey





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