Goa 2016: Working Creatively with Astrology


Palolem, Goa, India
February 16 – 24, 2016

Hosted by: Evelyn Roberts, Heaven and Earth Workshops

Tutors: Kim Farley & Carole Taylor

Following the success of our collaboration with Heaven and Earth Workshops in Bali in December 2014, the Faculty was delighted to team up once again with Evelyn Roberts to present this eight-day workshop in Goa.

We focused on a creative approach to chart interpretation, celebrating the uniqueness of each chart as it reveals the inner world of the individual. We worked with both natal charts and forecasting, allowing the themes to emerge and finding ways to convey these themes with sensitivity. Our group consisted of astrologers with a wide range of experience, but all passionate about astrology and its capacity for illumination and psychological depth.

Participants had plenty of time to work on their own charts, as well as mystery charts, thereby engaging in some inner work alongside developing skills at reading for other people, and gaining a better appreciation of how the astrologer’s own character might shape their particular approach. At the end of the course, each participant gained 40 credits towards their Faculty Certificate or Diploma – we worked hard and they certainly earned it!

Goa was the perfect location – this small area of India has a long and interesting history, diverse cultural influences and beautiful landscapes, all a colourful backdrop for the work we were doing and inspiring us all to tap into our own creativity. One memorable highlight was the trip to Hampi, a vast and dazzling temple and palace complex in Karnataka, the trip along the Tungabhadra River in a coracle, and the long climb up to the hilltop temple at Kishkinda, birthplace of the god Hanuman – a magical few days of well-earned rest after an exciting and productive week of study.

Kim Farley and Carole Taylor

Kim and Carole are experienced practitioners, fully immersed in astrology both as a professional endeavour and as a personal creative path. Both have worked in the field for many years, in private practice and as tutors at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, co-tutoring a number of courses together. Between them they bring a wealth of practical knowledge and a deep love of astrology as a means to express, with clarity and compassion, the richness and complexity of human experience.

Carole TaylorCarole on astrology: ‘For me, astrology is a form of poetry, a means of expressing profound truth through the light of symbolic imagination. The chart is a map of all our memories and experiences, revealing both the shape of the individual and how they connect to the world around them. The ability of an astrological symbol or configuration to encompass the deeper truth of our situation is simply breathtaking – I cannot think of any other system which illuminates meaning in the way that astrology does. And the joy of teaching is in seeing others develop their connection to this magical subject.’


Kim Farley

Kim on astrology: ‘For almost half my life, astrology has been a way of exploring the world and my place within it, and its richness still constantly delights me. The language of the sky truly offers itself to our imagination, announcing our place in the family of things (to borrow Mary Oliver’s beautiful phrase). As an art and a discipline, it lights up our lives and endlessly colours our experience with insight and meaning. Sharing my love of the subject with others is simply the best job ever.’


The Faculty of Astrological Studies

The Faculty’s mission has always been to raise the standard of education for astrologers, encouraging a thoughtful and ethical approach, as well as good technical skills and not least the confidence to exercise creative imagination in the reading of charts. These principles will all be reflected in this eight-day course.

For more information about the Faculty’s courses, including the syllabus, examinations and qualification process, see the drop-down menu under ‘Study with us’.

Gain Faculty Diploma credits for the Goa workshop!

india Goa eveningFor anyone who wishes to gain the Faculty’s prestigious Certificate and Diploma awards, this workshop attracts 40 credits (360 are required for the final Diploma qualification). If you are new to the Faculty, you can opt for the credits for Modules 1 and 2 (20 credits per module) – this would enable you to move straight into Module 3, which you can take either by Distance Learning, at our classes in London or at our annual Summer School in Oxford, England. If you are an existing Faculty student and have already gained the credits for Modules 1 and 2, you can opt for the credits for two of the following modules: 3, 4 and 5. If you would like to talk through your credit options, contact Kim and Carole.


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