Winter Weekend 2020

Pathways of Healing and Renewal of the Soul:
Illuminating the Transits of Chiron, Neptune and Pluto

Winter Weekend 2020 – Pathways of Healing and Renewal of the Soul – was held in the beautiful environs of the Ammerdown Centre in Somerset.

Facilitated by Faculty tutors Cat Cox and Lindsay Gladstone, the group gathered to reflect upon the soul and its journey through the passage of life, illuminated by the transits of Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.

Working creatively each session gave the opportunity to explore the transformational effects of these planetary transits in direct correlation to either inner processes or outer events experienced in the individual’s life.

A descent into the chthonic realm of Pluto led to encounters with the shadow archetype. While Neptune in its purest form was found to offer ecstatic perfection, or at its lowest ebb a sense of loss or confusion. Finally, through the exploration of Chiron’s symbolism and myth, it was realised that a growing awareness of the wisdom, compassion and self-acceptance gleaned from painful experiences can present the soul with an opportunity for healing and wholeness.

Within the nurturing and supportive alembic of communal engagement, by the end of the weekend participants felt that they had gained deeper insight into life experience, along with a richer understanding of the meaning of these powerful archetypes.

There are plans to run a Winter Weekend in 2021 and further details relating to this event will be made available later in the coming year.

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