A Practical Guide Line to Bringing the Spiritual in to Your Reading by Daliah Roth

Let’s start off with this fundamental question: What makes us truly happy? “Happy” may not even be what we are looking for, and be totally over-rated for that matter. How about content then? I am not talking about those exceptional moments on that wedding day, birth of a child or having won, inherited or awarded heaps of cash. I am talking about the small things that happen in our daily life, that touch us deeply and put a smile on our face. The kind that makes us feel all gooey and warm inside and leaves us wondering, who the F actually just benefited from that. For me the answer is easy: it’s the intensely rewarding experience of giving, something to someone, helping them, without strings attached, within my means, and not expecting anything in return, “Self”-lessly.

A Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for 15 years (spiritual, not religious), I have studied and learned a lot about compassion and the need to cultivate loving kindness and generosity. In our fast paced, hectic and mostly unconscious daily marathon, running from one activity/responsibility to another, not always an easy task, correct? So, when I started my other great passion, astrological consulting, it was vital for me to incorporate my practice into it. I wanted to make the experience of the reading as beneficial and healing for the client as possible, and perhaps for me as well (not that selfless yet, ha!).

So, I have incorporated my practice in the following simple way. Let me note here that no matter what your beliefs are, you can apply this method as a guideline. Whether you follow a religious belief system, live a combination of spiritual ideas or are an atheist, it makes no difference at all – as long as you have a genuine wish to benefit the client in a selfless way. Now, of course this does not mean you should do readings without charging or avoid talking about challenging aspects. It is about the intention that you have when you sit down with the client. Having a pure wish to help and holding this in your heart and mind is the underlying “Oomph” here. It is this pure motivation that will make all the difference and has the potential not only to heal the partakers, astrologer and client, but even others.

Starting off is a sitting meditation. If possible, make sure you have enough time between clients and do not need to rush from one reading into the other. If you have never meditated before, no worries. Remember, everyone started at some point and it is not rocket science. Find a seat to sit that feels comfortable. You do not need to sit in a perfect lotus or other super advanced Yogic position, but do try to keep your back straight. You can sit on a chair or on a cushion. Rest your arms at your sides and place your hands comfortably on your knees or on your thighs, fingers loosely spread out. Breathe normally, in and out, not holding the breath in, not forcing it out, just watching it, not controlling it. Bring your attention to your body, feel how it feels to be sitting there, doing “nothing”, except for breathing and being aware of your body. How do your legs feel, you arms, your back, do you feel pain? If you do feel pain and are uncomfortable, adjust your chair, get a cushion to support your back or knees, lean against something (chair or wall), just make sure your back is fairly straight so the energy in your body can flow and is not obstructed.

If the pain is small, you can bring your attention to it and see how, when you do, the pain comes in waves and does not stay. You will see, that it comes and goes. The same goes for our thoughts. If you are doing this for the first time you may think “Good God, what am I doing, is this correct? I think I am doing something “wrong”, everyone else is doing it “right””. That’s normal. Having attended many mediation retreats I still get them. Just watch these thoughts. You do not need to follow them, it’s our mind that fabricates them, and as feelings, they come and go.

The more you mediate and practice, the more you will see how thoughts and feelings come and go like the clouds and your mind and body will become calm and relaxed. As a whole you will become much less reactive.

Buddhist practitioners say a prayer before AND after the meditation, to set our intent. So, for the consultation my start off prayer would be something like this:

In Buddha (your God, the Universe, Jesus, Allah, your role models…)

… Dharma (the teachings of the Universe, the Bible, Koran, Wiccan, whatever the teachings or ethics you believe in)

… and the Spiritual community (ie your family, friends, community, all beings, humans, animals, all critters, non-humans, aliens if you so believe)

… I go for refuge until fully enlightened.

By the power of all six perfections*, from generosity to perfect wisdom, may I achieve Buddhahood (enlightenment) for the sake of all beings.

This is to set your intent, that your meditation is in essence a wish not only to become calm and relaxed for your own sake, but to benefit ALL beings with this in the long run.  After the meditation you may end it by the following prayer:

May all Beings find happiness and the causes of happiness (ie. wisdom and compassion).

May all Beings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering (clinging on to and reacting to thoughts and feelings).

May this reading be to the benefit of the client. May he/she find happiness and be free of suffering.

May this reading also benefit the astrologer (you) and all beings in this universe, without any exception. May all beings one day achieve enlightenment.

In Buddhism the finishing prayer is almost more important that the starting prayer, so if you are pressed in time, the good intent will also be produced by just saying the last one.

The need to bring meditation and my spiritual practice into the readings was a no-brainer for me and I have personally found it immensely beneficial. Whether you believe in God, Jesus, Allah or the Universe, are Wiccan, Atheist, follow a faith, or not, the method I use can be implemented by anyone. A calmer state of mind and body will result in feeling much more content. Also, we become less reactive to our own thoughts and prejudices that come up during the consultation and hence are much better able to help the client. The experience of a consultation with a stressed out, moody or spaced out (not present) astrologer is draining and can be potentially damaging. Taking just 30 or even 15 Minutes for a short meditation and prayer before a reading can make your client feel at ease and confident to be in your presence and energized and healed when the reading is over. And it will feel a lot better for oneself as well.

* generosity, morality, tolerance, energy, meditation, wisdom

Daliah Daliah first encountered astrology in 1990 when she had a natal chart interpretation from Liz Greene through Astro.com.  Since 2000 she has    been passionately interpreting charts of friends, public personas and countries.  Daliah started studying with Faculty in 2011, she gained her  Certificate in 2013 and is now studying for her Diploma.

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