Christina Rose, D.F.Astrol.S.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of the astrologer Christina Rose, on 11th February 2014. 


Christina first began to study astrology in 1968, gaining her Diploma from the Faculty in 1974, and was a Faculty tutor for a number of years. From the mid-1970s onwards she pioneered the use of counselling skills within astrology, gaining a Diploma in Psychological Counselling and Guidance and going on to incorporate the ideas of the Human Potential Growth Movement into her work. She established a career as a well-respected consultant astrologer (in both private and corporate consultancy) spanning 40 years, teaching and lecturing regularly, and developing friendships along the way with many well-known astrologers including Howard Sasportas.


She is known for her two ground-breaking books, Astrological Counselling (1982), in which she explored the potential for client-centred counselling skills in astrological practice, and The Tapestry of Planetary Phases (2011), an exposition of the lunation cycle which develops the initial work of Dane Rudhyar and extends the seed idea of the lunation cycle to other planetary pairs. The former book became a key text in the Faculty’s correspondence course.


She was artistically gifted, a talented sculptor who exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the writer and presenter of a three-hour TV documentary on astrology for Imperial College in London.


She will be much missed by the Faculty and the astrological community.


Born Christina Fielding: 7th January 1943 at 8:18 am BST in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, UK.

She died at her birth time, in Silverstone, UK.

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