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The Faculty’s London Classes are held each academic year at a venue in Central London, which is easily accessible from most parts of the UK and continental Europe. Many students choose to study at live classes because it offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to learn from the experiences and examples of other students.

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With all of our modules available as weekend seminars, you don’t have to live in London to take advantage of live tuition. Each year there is a choice of two Foundation classes beginning in October (Monday evenings or Saturdays), and a full range of Diploma courses and seminars on offer, enabling you to complete the entire course, from beginner to advanced, in three years. In addition to the class tuition and the full support of your tutor, you will have access to written course material through the Faculty’s Online Learning Environment, which summarises the work covered in class and allows you to consolidate your understanding of each subject as you progress.

Even if you are not a registered Faculty student, you are still very welcome to enrol on any of the Diploma modules and seminars at any time. Some of the courses are available in the form of one- or two-day seminars and are an ideal way to learn a new technique or practice your chart interpretation without committing yourself to the Diploma. In addition, all the seminars are credit-bearing, enabling you to store credits towards a qualification if you decide at a later date that you wish to gain the Faculty’s Diploma.

Our 2018-2019 programme of classes will commence in October 2018.

Enrol for London Classes

Prior to enrolment, please download the Conditions of Enrolment:

Conditions of Enrolment

If you prefer to enrol by post or by email, use this form:

2018-19 London Classes Enrolment Form

Otherwise, click here to book your London Classes in our Online Booking Centre:

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Dates for London Classes 2018-19

Monday evening classes run from 6.30pm-9pm, Saturday classes from 10am-5pm.

London Classes - Autumn Term 2018

Module 1 – Introduction to Astrology: Planets, Signs, and Houses ***FULLY BOOKED***
Ten Mondays: 8 Oct to 10 Dec; with Kim Farley
Four Saturdays: 6 Oct, 20 Oct, 3 Nov, 17 Nov; with Lindsay Gladstone & Carole Taylor
Unable to join Module 1 this fall? Scroll down to read about the Fast Track Foundation Course, held on Saturdays starting January 2019.

Module 4 – Time I - Transits and Solar Returns*
Four Saturdays: 13 Oct, 27 Oct, 10 Nov, 1 Dec; with Cat Cox & Kim Farley
*Module 4 may be booked as two separate part-modules if desired.
Part Module 7a – Midpoints
Saturday 10 Nov, with Sue Farebrother
Part Module 7b – Harmonics
Saturday 1 Dec, with Sue Farebrother (no longer on 24 Nov)
Part Module 7c – Synastry Weekend
Saturday & Sunday, 20 & 21 Oct; with Darby Costello

London Classes - Spring Term 2019

Module 1 – See "Fast Track Foundation Course" below.

Module 2 – Chart Skills I
Ten Mondays: 14 Jan to 18 Mar; with Kim Farley
Four Saturdays: 19 Jan, 2 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar; with Lindsay Gladstone & Carole Taylor
Module 5 – Time II - Progressions & Directions*
Four Saturdays: 26 Jan, 9 Feb, 23 Feb, 9 Mar; with Darby Costello, Sue Farebrother & Carole Taylor
*Module 5 may be booked as two separate part-modules, if desired.
Part Module 7d – Astrology of the Family (Weekend)
Saturday and Sunday, 13 & 14 April; with Cat Cox
Part Module 8a – Astrology, Geography, and Sacred Space
Two Saturdays: 26 Jan, 9 Feb; with Carole Taylor
Part Module 8b – Mundane and Collective Astrology
Two Saturdays: 2 Mar, 16 Mar; with Cat Cox
Part Module 8c – Electional Astrology
Saturday 30 Mar,  with Cat Cox

London Classes - Summer Term 2019

Module 3 – Chart Skills II
Ten Mondays: 29 Apr to 15 Jul (no class 6 & 27 May); with Kim Farley
Four Saturdays: 11 May, 1 Jun, 15 Jun, 29 Jun; with Lindsay Gladstone & Carole Taylor
Module 6 – Intermediate Interpretation
Four Saturdays: 18 May, 8 Jun, 22 Jun, 6 Jul; with Kim Farley & Lindsay Gladstone
Module 9 – Advanced Interpretation & Astro-Consultancy
Four Saturdays: 18 May, 8 Jun, 22 Jun, 6 Jul; with Cat Cox & Carole Taylor


Your chance to study Modules 1, 2, and 3, involving the same number of class hours, but quicker-paced to begin in January and end in July. Saturdays (10am-5pm) with Sue Farebrother and Kim Farley.

Module 1 – Introduction to Astrology: Planets, Signs, and Houses
19 January, 2 February, 16 February, 2 March

Module 2 – Chart Skills I
16 March, 30 March, 27 April, 11 May

Module 3 – Chart Skills II
1 June, 15 June, 29 June, 13 July


Testimonials from Class Students

I have thoroughly enjoyed the module and it more than fulfilled my expectations. The tuition was excellent – insightful, encouraging and knowledgeable – an inspiration to the class. 
Module 1 student
The tutor was supportive, inspiring, encouraging and very clear in her teaching. The course was very well structured and supported through the online learning. This has been very important for me to complete a step by step process. 
Module 3 student


Looking at the cycles of transits was a revelation - I have worked with transits more than anything else but hadn't gone through the cycles of each planet so methodically before and learned how important it is to do that! I liked the way we had the chance to do personal presentations on cycles, as we could hear from different people how they were working, and the tutors were really supportive and encouraging. 
Module 4 student


I was very happy with the tuition. Topics were explained clearly and in depth, and I could follow the classes easily even though I was completely unfamiliar with the subject. I really enjoyed it and would like to thank the tutors for their help and lucid teaching. 
Module 8 student



We will be using three venues during the academic year 2018-2019.  All are easily accessible in WC1, a few minutes walk from King's Cross and Euston stations.

Gordon Square

Gordon Square- Birkbeck College


Gordon Square by Stephen McKay







Hamilton House

Hamilton House

Hamilton House








Tavistock Place

The Emerson Room








The Emerson Room








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