Envisioning Summer School 2021

Dreams do come true. Yet uncertainty is something to which we are all growing accustomed. Our dreams of Summer School 2021 being the usual wonderful, multi-layered event, that brings us all together at Exeter College, Oxford, are yet to be realised.

The reality of this moment is that we cannot say for certain if we will be able to gather in person in Oxford by summertime. The viable option of holding an online version of Summer School is also being considered, and it may be implemented if international borders are closed or indeed if the UK government health policies dictate that the gates of Exeter College are shut to us all.

Perhaps the closest thing to certainty that we can offer now is the dates for our time together. If it is possible to hold Summer School in Oxford, the event will run from Friday 20th through Friday 27th August. If Summer School is to be offered as an online event, it will be held for a portion of those dates. We will keep you informed in due course via our newsletter, our website, and our social media channels so that you can move forward with your own plans. 

For now, let us all keep dreaming.

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