The Jupiter Group

The Jupiter Group

Zeus with laurel crown

Thursdays, 7-9.30pm
£15 (£12 for SDHs) - Pre Book Here

The Art Workers' Guild
6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT



Autumn term
21 September 2017 * 26 October 2017 * 7 December 2017

Spring term
18 January 2018 * 15 February 2018 * 29 March 2018

Summer term
3 May 2018 * 14 June 2018 * 12 July 2018

* 7-7:15pm: Introduction
* 7:15-8:15pm: Talk with guest speaker
* 8:15-8.45pm: Break for tea and coffee
* 8.45-9.30pm: Open forum: time for questions and discussion

Uranus & Gaia Mosiac

Next Meeting:  3 May 2018 with Demian Allan
Uranus transits Aries: A Reflection

As we are about to enter a new Uranus transit. This talk is based on the cultural changes that have occurred since 2011 and the impact politically and from an economic perspective. While reflecting on the past, we can begin to move forward and also piece together some clues for when Uranus ingress into Taurus.


Demian Allan is the astrologer for Kindred Spirit and the Mind Body Spirit magazine; he is also the senior tutor at the College of Psychic Studies and the resident astrologer at Watkins Books.




Places are limited. Book online in advance here.

Jupiter Group guest speakers 2017-2018

29th June 2017: MELANIE REINHART - Cosmic Weather Report

21st September 2017: DARBY COSTELLO - Mars: How Is Our Warrior Doing After Years of Uranus in Aries?

26th October 2017: CHRISTEEN SKINNER - Making the Most of Jupiter's Visit to Scorpio

7th December 2017: CLARE MARTIN - Riding the Celestial Dragon: The Nodes of the Moon

18th January 2018 : SUE TOMPKINS - Once in A Blue Moon.......the year ahead!

15th February 2018: CAT COX - Exploring the astrology of the time: Honouring the Solar Eclipse and other patterns arising.

29th March 2018: KIM FARLEY - Mars in Capricorn conjunct Saturn and squaring the Sun!

3 May 2018:  DEMIAN ALLAN - Uranus transits Aries: A Reflection



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