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Learn astrology – wherever you are in the world – with our live and interactive online classes.

Join us and you will learn how to read a birth chart and enter a whole new world of self-discovery.
Who knows? You might even begin a journey to become a professional astrologer yourself!

Two new Foundation Course classes begin next week. Choose the one that suits your time zone!

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6.30–8.30pm UK Time

– Foundation Course 3 –
This class is ideal for anyone in the UK or Europe, or for those in North America and South America who want to join a daytime class.

Induction session on 8th January
Module 1 begins 15th January


5–7pm Pacific (Los Angeles/Vancouver)
8–10pm Eastern (New York/Toronto)

– Foundation Course 4 –
This class is ideal for those living in the USA and Canada. Also, this is daytime Thursdays for students in Australia, New Zealand, China, or elsewhere in Asia.

Induction session on 8th January
Module 1 begins 15th January

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