Spring 2016

The Summer Solstice is the time when the exam results of the Spring Exam Season are issued, so it is my pleasure to announce the names of the successful students!

The students work hard on their exams during the whole year but submit their papers for marking at the exam seasons which are located on the Equinoxes, with the results issued by the respective Solstices. Therefore, the period between the Equinox and the Solstice is a period of great activity for the examining team to assess all the papers and produce the exam reports the candidates are sent around the Solstice.

This period is now finished and I am delighted to announce that we have a lovely group of 11 new Certificate Holders and 1 new Diploma Holder as a result of the Spring Season. Very many congratulations to the students who have successfully passed the Certificate Exam and therefore obtained their Certificate:

Itziar Azcona
Zascha Brésilley
Rory Curran
Valeria Egorova
Jessica Garton
Debra Anne Kaatz
Akindynos Kaniamos
Maria Kontou
Silvia Lopes
Ruth Rankin
Rosemarie Tronsdal

And very special congratulations to our new Diploma holder:

Sabrina Moncini

She will be entitled to use the letters D.F.Astrol.S after her name, a professional qualification that is recognized and respected throughout the astrological community. We wish her well in all her astrological endeavors!

Finally, in the midway between the Certificate and the Diploma, the students must pass an intermediate level exam which also requires a lot of hard work and it is a major step towards preparing themselves for the final exam. These are the students who have successfully passed the intermediate exam in Spring 2016:

Geerte Groen
Ira Kiourti
Irene Maandi

By the end of the year the successful candidates of the next Autumn Exam Season will be added to these lists and all the awards will be presented at the Faculty Open Day on the 25th March 2017 in London, a wonderful opportunity to meet students and tutors, listen to interesting and thought provoking talks and share a lovely and happy day with successful candidates from all over the world!
Glòria Roca
Head of Exams
Faculty of Astrological Studies

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