Non-Residential Weekend Courses


Use the options below to build your weekend non-residential course programme.
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Please begin by selecting which meals you will require.


Dinner on Sunday Evening

Please specify if you would like to have dinner on Sunday evening.

Dietary Requirements *

Please identify your dietary requirements below. If you have more specific dietary requirements please select ‘Other’ and enter details in the ‘Other Information’ box below.
Select ‘Not Applicable’ if you have chosen to book the course without meals.

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We will prepare a name-tag for you for identification and security purposes. How would you like your name displayed? Please include first and last name.

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Sunday Afternoon Workshops *

If you like, select a workshop for Sunday afternoon.

New Student Registration *

If you are new to the Faculty OR have attended only online seminars or online workshops, an additional one-time £35 registration fee is payable. If you are booking for the 5-day course as well, please ensure you only pay one fee of £35.

Other Information

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Payment is non-refundable.

Further Information

If you require any further information please contact Summer School Registrar Lindsay Gladstone on