Summer School 2017

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Summer School 2017 Report

Tutors:  Cat Cox, Darby Costello, Daniel Docherty, Bernard Eccles, Sue Farebrother, Kim Farley, Stevi Gaydon, Lindsay Gladstone, Robin Heath, Michael Lutin, Deborah Morgan, Melanie Reinhart, Glòria Roca, Christeen Skinner, Carole Taylor, Angela Voss

The 2017 Summer School heralded the 30th anniversary of holding this prestigious annual event in the magnificent environs of Oxford colleges.  We had a record number of delegates in attendance and the energy throughout the entire event was youthful and exuberant. This was due in part to the influx of many young overseas students who imbued Summer School with their vitality and eagerness to learn about every aspect of astrology.

Both weekend courses proved highly popular. Michael Lutin’s weekend on ‘The Art and Practice of Complete Horoscope Interpretation’ offered practical advice on consultation techniques while Melanie Reinhart’s weekend on ‘Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail – The Nodal Axis’ explored the mythology of the Nodes and Eclipses expressed within the natal chart.

Our ‘Astrology in Action’ tutor team of Cat Cox,  Darby Costello,  Bernard Eccles,  Sue Farebrother,  Robin Heath, Michael Lutin,  Melanie Reinhart,  Gloria Roca,  Christeen Skinner and  Carole Taylor  taught sessions ranging from mundane astrology, to forecasting techniques to viewing the chart as ritual space. We also offered two whole modules at the Summer School – Module 3 (Natal Chart Interpretation) taught by Kim Farley and Stevi Gaydon, and Module 6 (Intermediate Chart Interpretation) taught by Sue Farebrother and Deborah Morgan. These intensive courses were greatly appreciated by the students, who were offered in-depth supportive tuition throughout the entire week. A new one-day course was successfully introduced into the curriculum, ‘An Introduction to Astrology’, which was facilitated by Lindsay Gladstone and Carole Taylor.

The Wednesday afternoon workshops of Daniel Docherty’s ‘Sacred Geometry’ and Angela Voss and Helen Atkinson’s ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ were well attended, while the field trip to the world heritage site of Avebury, overseen by Robin Heath was a complete sell-out well in advance of the start of Summer School.

Each day began with the option of attending an early morning meditation facilitated by Melanie Reinhart and Cat Cox and every evening there was an entertaining talk to, listen to presented by our guest tutors.  The ambience of the beautiful Exeter College chapel was appreciated when we listened to the Wednesday evening concert of ‘The Muses’ in praise of the feminine, presented by Angela Voss, Helen Atkinson, Zia Musaphia and Esha Neogy, a performance which could be classed as a unique contribution to Summer School. We also had the opportunity to observe the Total Solar Eclipse which was successfully monitored live during Monday evening’s dinner in the college dining hall. For our 30th anniversary Gala Dinner evening the mini concert presented by Melanie Conly and David Knowles was exceptional and they were both highly commended by many of the delegates for their professional delivery. Michael Lutin provided an entertaining after dinner speech and the ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ readings were appreciated, as was the after-dinner disco which gave everyone an excellent opportunity to let off steam!

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Lindsay Gladstone, Summer School Registrar

  Lindsay Gladstone

Carole Taylor, Summer School Programme Coordinator

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