Summer School 2020

Press Announcement — 30 March 2020

Dear Students/Friends of the Faculty of Astrological Studies,

In this extraordinary situation we find ourselves in globally, we ask that you continue to visit our website and follow our social media accounts where we will be updating you on the latest news concerning Faculty events. Significant announcements will be emailed directly to those who subscribe to our newsletter. If you are not already a subscriber and wish to be, please click HERE.

At this present time, we are moving ahead with plans for Summer School 2020. However, we shall continue to observe Government directives surrounding public health and we plan to review this intention mid April.

We hope that you and your families stay in good health and positive spirit during this challenging time.

Best wishes from the Faculty Council:

  • Cat Cox, President
  • Frances Clynes, Vice President
  • Penny de Abreu, Council Secretary
  • Lindsay Gladstone, Council Member
  • Deborah Morgan, Council Member
  • Liz Rooke, Council Member
  • Mónica Teixeira, Council Member
  • Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić, Council Member


Our Summer School is recognised internationally as a unique event in the astrological calendar,
attracting students and tutors from around the world.

 Guest Tutors for 2020

Nicholas Campion
Brian Clark
Darby Costello
Elizabeth Hathway
Matjaž Regovec
Melanie Reinhart

Faculty Tutors

Toby Aldren ∗ Frances Clynes
Cat Cox ∗ Kim Farley
Stevi Gaydon ∗ Lindsay Gladstone
Deborah Morgan ∗ Rosemary Smith
Carole Taylor ∗ Mónica Teixeira
Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić

Welcome to Summer School 2020

The programme caters for a range of levels, from beginners through to students and practitioners at advanced and professional level. With our world-class team of tutors offering a dynamic programme of study, this is a chance to work with astrology in depth, developing knowledge of new subjects and techniques, and deepening your understanding of existing ones.

We will do our very best to make you feel welcome and at home. At the heart of the Summer School is the interaction between tutors and students, not just in the lectures but in conversations outside of the classes, thereby creating a rich learning experience which unfolds through the week.

Create Your Own Summer School Package
Residential and non-residential places are available. Residential delegates can choose from bed & breakfast, half board or full board options.

Day Delegate Places (Astrology in Action only)
If you cannot attend for the full course, you can book for up to three days as a day delegate, either residential or non-residential.


Our Venue - Exeter College, Oxford
Exeter is one of Oxford's oldest colleges, founded in 1314 and located at the heart of the city. It is also one of the most attractive, with its early 15th century Palmer Tower, its neo-Gothic chapel and Jacobean dining hall. Within its walls are peaceful gardens ideal for quiet contemplation and the main quadrangle is one of the most beautiful in Oxford.

Many famous people studied here, including JRR Tolkien and the pre-Raphaelite artists William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, some of whose original work is on display in the college. Philip Pullman, author of the magical trilogy His Dark Materials, was also an undergraduate here, basing his fictitious Jordan College on Exeter.

Weekend Courses

Friday 21st August at 5pm — Sunday 23rd August at 1pm

An Astrological Anatomy
of Adult Relationships

Brian Clark

During our weekend exploration we consider the imprints that relationships etch upon our soul, the fate that underpins these connections and the techniques that bring this to light. With our horoscope as a guide, we delve into the intricacy and intensity of relationship, from the first meeting through the relational lifecycle. Along the way we will explore astrological and synastry methods, including chart comparisons and composites to evoke a deeper meaning to our personal relations through time. Throughout our weekend we bring the astrological symbols and relational patterns to life through our own charts.

Weekend Course #2:
To be announced

Guest tutor to be announced

Unfortunately Demetra George is unable to attend Summer School and her Weekend course is now cancelled. We will shortly be announcing a new Weekend course.

Five Day Courses

Sunday 23rd August at 5pm — Friday 28th August at 1pm

For Summer School 2020, choose from:

  • Three tracks of the popular Astrology in Action series
  • Natal Chart Interpretation: Putting the Pieces Together (Module 3)
  • Advanced Chart Interpretation and Astro-Consultancy (Module 9)

Also offered is a one-day Introduction To Astrology course on Monday 24th August — suitable for complete beginners or anyone who wishes to brush up on the basics.

Astrology in Action

Astrology in Action offers three simultaneous tracks on different themes. You can follow one track throughout the five days, or select sessions from all three. Whether your knowledge of astrology is basic or advanced, the course provides an opportunity to extend your skills and deepen your understanding of astrology.

Track 1
Astrology, Archetype and Symbol

Brian Clark, Darby Costello,
Lindsay Gladstone, Matjaž Regovec,
Melanie Reinhart and Carole Taylor

In this track astrology will help us to seek out and connect with our personal myths. The voices of the asteroid goddesses will be heard and we will be shown how to integrate the power of the sacred feminine within our astrological practice. Healing the heart, through understanding the darker side of the Venusian archetype and creating our own joy through interpreting the inspirational visions of Jupiter and Neptune are themes also included in this track. From the image of God from Jung’s Red Book to the orientation of the angel, the mysterious inner world of the numinous will be examined. Understanding the symbolism of dreams and liberating the imagination allows us to step over the threshold into the world of the imaginal.

Track 2
Speaking to the Times

Brian Clark, Darby Costello,
Cat Cox, Elizabeth Hathway,
Melanie Reinhart, Rosemary Smith
and Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić

As we enter a new decade the year 2020 is rich in astrological portent! It heralds the seed moment of the new planetary cycles: Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn/Jupiter. In 2020 Mars will make conjunctions with the Black Moon, or Lilith, twice in Aries and then again in Taurus in 2021, while Chiron and Pholus will square each other. Uranus in Taurus, Chiron in Aries and Neptune in Pisces continue their steady course through the heavens, and this year the Solar and Lunar eclipses will move from Capricorn and Cancer to Gemini and Sagittarius. As individuals and the collective how are we coping with the upheavals of these powerful planetary transits? How can we recognise and honour the new opportunities for change?

Track 3
Astrological Techniques

Toby Aldren, Nicholas Campion,
Brian Clark, Carole Taylor
and Mónica Teixeira

In this track we will take a deeper look at a selection of familiar and lesser known astrological techniques. The calculation and implementation of Primary Directions, Geodetics (a system which overlays the 360 degrees of the zodiac onto the sphere of the Earth), the Saturn Return, Solar Return charts and composite charts, will all be examined. Special attention will also be given to Mundane Astrology – the astrology of world affairs.
The following topics included in this track will each attract 5 credits towards the Faculty’s Diploma: Solar Returns, Midpoints and Mundane Astrology.

Chart Interpretation Courses

These courses are designed to build skills and confidence in chart interpretation in a supported learning environment.
Early booking is strongly recommended as places are limited.

Natal Chart Interpretation:
Putting the Pieces Together

Module 3: Foundation Course
Attracts 20 credits towards the Faculty's Certificate

Stevi Gaydon and Kim Farley

This is a practical course designed to help you bring together the basic building blocks of the chart – planets, signs, houses, angles and aspects – into an integrated chart interpretation. You will be working with your own and others’ charts and you will gain practice and confidence in identifying the main themes in a chart. You will also explore the philosophy of astrology and its place in the modern world. This course is suitable for anyone who has a working knowledge of the planets, signs, houses and aspects, equivalent to Modules 1 and 2 of the Faculty’s Foundation Course.

For information about the contents of Modules 1 and 2, click HERE.

Advanced Chart Interpretation
& Astro-Consultancy

Module 9: Diploma Course
Attracts 20 credits towards the Faculty's Diploma

Frances Clynes and Deborah Morgan

This module involves the development of consultation skills and an understanding of the ethical issues which arise in client work. You will be encouraged to develop a high degree of self-awareness through the study of the synastry between yourself and your clients, and will learn how to integrate the wide range of natal and forecasting skills covered in the Diploma course into an advanced chart interpretation. These skills are developed throughout the week by carrying out a client consultation, encompassing the chart preparation, conducting the live session and then a review of the consultation in a supportive and enabling environment. You must have completed Modules 1 – 7  to enrol on this course.

For information about the contents of Diploma Level II Modules, click HERE.

Also during the Five Day Course...

An Introduction to Astrology
One Day Course: Monday 24th August

with Rosemary Smith

This self-contained day course is aimed at complete beginners and for anyone wishing to brush up on the very basics. We will look briefly at astrology’s unique system of celestial correspondences and symbolic thinking, and then go on to explore the essential components of a birth chart: the planets, zodiac signs and houses. We will then look at how planets form inter-relationships between each other via the aspects, to create the inner dynamics of the psyche. A copy of your birth chart will be provided. This is a wonderful chance to immerse yourself in astrology for a day, learn more about yourself, meet fellow astrologers and experience the Faculty’s approach to astrology. You are welcome to attend as a day-delegate or book for overnight accommodation in the college.

Extra-Curricular Afternoon Workshops

Sunday and Wednesday have free afternoons for you to relax or explore Oxford. Alternatively, join one of the afternoon workshops or a meditation session. There is an additional charge of £35 per workshop.

Sunday 23rd August (2.30—4.30pm)

You, Me and the Water-Bearer
Melanie Reinhart

Saturn entered Aquarius on 22nd March 2020, and re-enters on 17th December 2020, shortly before the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0°46’ Aquarius. The three rulers of this sign will be explored: Saturn (traditional), Uranus (modern) and Jupiter (esoteric). What is our own personal relationship to these three planets, and how do they ‘sit’ in our own chart? Bring your chart and your own ideas, questions, and experiences!

The Astrology of Money
Carole Taylor

We all have a relationship to money. ‘Currency’ describes its circulation as a current of energy; ‘credit’ reveals our hopes in respect of future monetary status. The 2nd is a house where we ‘account’ for ourselves monetarily, the 8th a house of trusts and mortgages (‘death contracts’) revealing the emotional complexity surrounding joint finances or debt. We will explore the symbolism of money, and how our psychology shapes our relationship to it. Bring your chart!

Wednesday 26th August (2.30—4.30pm)

Ensouling the Tarot:
Rekindling the soul of the cards
Brian Clark

The Tarot engages us in wonder and awe, but also immerses us in its mysteries and ambiguities. so no matter how revealing and remarkable, the cards can also be unknowable and puzzling. In this interactive workshop we will try and get our facts straight about fiction through exploring how Tarot engages our creativity through its symbols, images, stories, characters and myths, illuminating the path from inspiration to enunciation. This workshop will be, informative, playful and experiential. Bring your favourite Tarot deck.

Creating an Astrological Shrine
Elizabeth Hathway

How can astrology be used within a domestic setting to bring a little magic into our daily lives? How does a space become sacred and how can we use sacred space to deepen the understanding of the natal chart and significant transits to it? In this workshop the concept of sacred space will be considered and the creation of personal domestic shrines will play a central role. A ‘do-it-yourself’ approach towards making astrological talismans based on our own tradition, supports the making of personal objects that contain power and carry significance for us.

Throughout the week...

7 Morning Meditation Sessions

with Cat Cox and Melanie Reinhart
Saturday 22nd – Friday 28th, 7.30–8am
Easy morning meditation sessions to honour each day's planet.

Astrological Bookstall

A range of astrology books, journals, and magazines will be available.
Have some room in your suitcase!

Evening Lectures

Saturday 22nd ∗ Lindsay Gladstone ∗ Be ye therefore wise as serpents
Sunday 23rd ∗ Frances Clynes ∗ Gods, Warriors and Kings
Monday 24th ∗ Danny Larkin ∗ The Splendor Solis
Tuesday 25th ∗ Brian Clark & Melanie Reinhart ∗ In conversation...
Wed 26th ∗ Nicholas Campion ∗ The Modern Astrologer in Search of a Soul

Gala Dinner on Thursday night

Guest speaker: Brian Clark
Our celebration dinner will be followed by a late bar and dancing till midnight.
Bring something special to wear!

Accommodation and Meal Options

Fellows' Garden, Exeter College


Our venue is the beautiful Exeter College, situated in the heart of Oxford. Exeter is an undergraduate college and the accommodation is therefore simple but comfortable; most of the Summer School events take place here. About 10 minutes' walk from the main college is the new Cohen Quad, where all rooms are private with en-suite facilities. If you do not wish to stay in college or in the new Cohen Quad, Oxford has many hotels and guest houses to choose from – links to useful websites will be included with the course information sent to you on enrolment. Read more about Exeter College and Cohen Quad, and see some videos, on our general Summer School webpage.

If you opt for a residential course, you will choose from the following when making your booking:

  • Standard Room - Private room, usually with a small study area. Bathroom facilities are shared with a maximum of four rooms to each bathroom. Exeter College only.
  • Single En-suite - Private room with its own bathroom. Available at both Exeter College and Cohen Quad.
  • Shared (Twin) En-suite - Two delegates each have a private bedroom yet share one bathroom between them. There is a common study/lounge area. Exeter College only.


There is a generous choice of hot and cold options at breakfast and lunch, and dinner is a served two-course meal. A vegetarian meal option is available if booked in advance. The college staff will do their best to accommodate other dietary requests – again, if booked in advance. Tea and coffee are served in the morning and afternoon breaks. As well, for those staying in Exeter College or at the Cohen Quad, tea and coffee-making facilities are provided in your room.

When booking a residential course, you will choose from:

  • Full board - Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Half board - Breakfast and lunch.
  • Half board - Breakfast and dinner.
  • Bed and Breakfast - Breakfast only.

An option to attend the gala dinner is available for anyone whose Summer School booking does not already include dinners.

Please note that for delegates staying at the Cohen Quad, all meals (including breakfast) will be taken in the main dining hall of Exeter College on Turl Street.

Day Delegates

For those who live close to Oxford, or for those who want a small "taste" of Summer School, you are welcome to book as a Day Delegate for up to three days. Half-day options are also available. Should you wish to join us as a Day Delegate and would like accommodation in the college, please email Lindsay Gladstone, Summer School Registrar, to check for availability:



Our Team of World-Class Tutors

TOBY ALDREN DFAstrolS is a Faculty tutor for both Online Classes and Distance Learning via Email. He has been an educator throughout his career with experience teaching students of all ages. Toby has an astrology practice in Vancouver, Canada where he holds consultations, teaches classes, and leads workshops. He is also a professional musician, primarily working as a piano accompanist for choral groups.

Dr. NICHOLAS CAMPION Hon DFAstrolS is Associate Professor in Cosmology and Culture, Principal Lecturer in the Institute of Education and Humanities, and Director of the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the only academic centre in the world to consider humanity’s relationship with the sky. He is Programme Director of the University’s MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. He is a world authority on the history of astrology and is co-author of Mundane Astrology, the definitive book on modern mundane astrology (with Michael Baigent and Charles Harvey), followed by The Book of World Horoscopes, the definitive collection of historical data.

BRIAN CLARK is the creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance-learning program, shaped by his experience as an astrological educator and counsellor for 40 years. He has his BA (Hons) and MA in Classics and Archaeology from the University of Melbourne. He has been honoured with lifetime membership from the state, national and professional astrological associations in Australia. He has written several books and articles - his latest book (2019) is Symbol, Soul and Imagination: The Artistry of Astrology.

Dr. FRANCES CLYNES DFAstrolS is the Vice President, IT Manager, Online Seminars and Classes Manager and Distance Learning tutor for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She has been a practising astrologer since 1987 and has lectured in Ireland, the UK and the US. Frances is also the Head Tutor of the Sky and Psyche module on the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

DARBY COSTELLO Hon DFAstrolS Darby has been an astrologer for more than half her life and is engaged in many layers of the astrological community. She began teaching at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in 1988 and she now lectures and teaches internationally. She has written several books for astrologers. Darby received the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University in 2006, which gave her a love of understanding historical cycles. In 2013 she received the Charles Harvey award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. Still today, her consultation practice is at the heart of her working life as an astrologer.

CAT COX DFAstrolS began studying astrology in 1984 and was awarded the Faculty Diploma in 1996 and the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University in 2007. Cat is the President and Head Tutor of the Faculty and has taught with the school since 2006. Her interests in healing, Jungian and transpersonal psychology, goddess spirituality and the Western Mysteries inform her approach to astrology including how we work psychologically, experientially and ritually with symbols and myth. She practises in London, loves teaching and over time has come to view her work with charts as a spiritual practice.

KIM FARLEY DFAstrolS discovered astrology at her Saturn Return and has been a part of the Faculty one way or another since the early 1990s. She feels immensely lucky to have taught generations of London Classes alongside her home-based private practice. In her view, astrology represents the richest possible use of imagination and creative thinking. Kim is also an independent funeral celebrant.

STEVI GAYDON DFAstrolS is a Faculty tutor who teaches both the Online Courses and by Distance Learning. She has run an astrological practice since gaining her Diploma in 2010, in which her work with clients is informed by her background in life coaching and training interpersonal skills. Stevi has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

LINDSAY GLADSTONE DFAstrolS Lindsay’s passion for astrology gained her the Faculty Diploma in 2012 and the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2015. Her particular interests focus on the creation myths and divine illumination. She runs a practice in West Sussex and teaches as a Faculty Distance Learning and London Classes tutor. Lindsay also serves on the Council, is Summer School Registrar and is the Faculty’s Head of Exams.

ELIZABETH HATHWAY DFAstrolS MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, Qualified Horary Craftswoman (Frawley school), is an independent researcher with a special interest in rituals, sacred space, shamanism, magic and transformation. She regularly publishes articles on mundane astrology, a subject she is passionate about, both online and in English and Dutch astrology journals. She has lectured in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and India. Born in the Welsh valleys, Liz is a consulting astrologer, a creator of rituals and a trend watcher who currently lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

DEBORAH MORGAN DFAstrolS has taught London Classes, modules at Summer School and is a Distance Learning and Online tutor and the Winter Weekend Organiser. She runs her own astrological practice based in Nottingham and specialises in using astrology for personal and business development work, using experiential techniques together with astrology to assist clients in moving forward towards their spiritual and temporal goals. Holding a B.A. (Hons) and certification from the School of Traditional Astrology as a Horary Practitioner she is keenly interested in the Western Mystery Tradition, literature and mythologies and their links with astrology.

Dr. MATJAž REGOVEC DFAstrolS (Margaret Hone Award) also holds the psychology of a qualified Jungian analyst and has the CPA diploma. In 1993 he founded the IPAL Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After 25 years of its work, the Institute has developed its own method of working on oneself - 'The IPAL Method', which is a synthesis of the techniques of analytical psychology, active imagination, psychological astrology and dream analysis.

MELANIE REINHART DFAstrolS Since 1959, astrology has been central to Melanie Reinhart’s life, and for the last 44 years she has been offering consultations, writing and teaching worldwide. Her special interest is meditative work, and original research on Chiron and the Centaurs. Melanie is a Patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies.


ROSEMARY SMITH DFAstrolS is a Faculty tutor, teaching via Distance Learning and Online Classes. Rosemary has had a lifelong passion for astrology, and appreciates the power of astrological symbolism to open up the field of creative possibilities within our lives. In 2017, she was awarded the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred (with Distinction) from Canterbury Christ Church University.

CAROLE TAYLOR FFAstrolS is a former Faculty President, Director of Studies and Online Classes Manager. She has been a tutor at the Faculty since 2001, contributing extensively to the course material. She runs an astrological practice and has co- tutored workshops for Heaven & Earth Workshops in Bali and Goa. She holds the MA in Myth, Cosmology & the Sacred (with Distinction) from Canterbury Christ Church University and is a tutor on the Sophia MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

MÓNICA TEIXEIRA DFAstrolS is a Faculty Distance Learning tutor and was awarded the Faculty Diploma in 2015. She worked in the e-Health industry for 20 years, as a software engineer and as head of quality & HR. Mónica is interested in combining Astrology with Coaching. She holds an Informatics degree from the University of Lisbon and an international certification in coaching.

DRAGANA VAN DE MOORTEL- ILIĆ DFAstrolS has been working as a professional astrologer since 1990. She offers personal consultations and astrological coaching to companies and professionals. She runs a school of astrology in Ghent, Belgium and Novi Sad, Serbia. Dragana is a Faculty Distance Learning tutor, the Summer School Programme Co-ordinator and a Council member. She has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.



Summer School 2020 Brochure

Astrology in Action (coming in May)

Course fees


Dragana Van de moortel-Ilić,
Summer School Programme Coordinator
Programme and course credits

Lindsay Gladstone,
Summer School Registrar
Bookings, fees, accommodation, travel & general enquiries

The Faculty of Astrological Studies is an organisation that contracts with Exeter College, Oxford, for the use of facilities, but which has no formal connection with the University of Oxford.

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