Summer School 2014

[teaser]Summer School 2014 took place from 15th to 22nd August. Here’s a summary of the week.[/teaser]

Exeter College chapel
Exeter College chapel

As you can see from the pictures here, we had a wonderful time at the 2014 Summer School, held between 15th and 22nd August in the beautiful setting of Exeter College, one of Oxford University’s oldest colleges.

Our two weekend courses, Love, Venus and the Erotic Life, with Darby Costello and Traditional Natal Astrology with John Frawley were both very popular. With both Venus and Saturn being prominent in the chart for the opening of Summer School (with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo and a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio), we aimed to honour both equally with our choice of weekend subjects.

We were lucky to have John and Darby staying on to teach on our five-day open programme, Astrology in Action, beginning on Sunday 17th, joined by Faculty tutors Peta High, Laura Andrikopoulos and Carole Taylor, and guest tutors Bernard Eccles, Mike Harding and Angela Voss, plus two past Faculty Presidents – Clare Martin and Lindsay Radermacher – and two of our Patrons, Rob Hand and Melanie Reinhart. The programme offered a huge variety of material, from a track on the traditional malefics Mars and Saturn, to sessions of in-depth chart work, the work of Renaissance astrologer Marsilio Ficino, the divinatory nature of astrology, and a wide range of astrological techniques. We were also treated to sessions in which master astrologer Rob Hand offered his latest thinking on astrology.

As if this wasn’t enough, we managed to include three part-modules from the Faculty’s regular Diploma programme – Solar Arc Directions, Midpoints and Harmonics – and two full modules. Tutors Penny de Abreu and Polly Wallace, and Cat Cox and Glòria Roca, expertly held Module 3 and Module 9 respectively, offering students on the Faculty’s Foundation Course and Diploma Course the opportunity to study a whole module intensively in five days, in a fully supportive environment. With Module 3 being the first introduction to a full chart interpretation, and live client work being a compulsory part of Module 9, Summer School is the perfect place to study these challenging modules.

With drinks receptions in the beautiful garden of the Rector’s Lodgings, wonderful food from Exeter’s award-winning chef, additional workshops and evening lectures, the Gala dinner on Thursday evening in the candlelit Jacobean dining hall, and the friendship of like-minded people, the most difficult part of the week was saying goodbye at the end! We had a magical seven days of learning and are looking forward to Summer School 2015!

Here are a few comments from some of the delegates who attended this year:

Darby Costello’s weekend

“Darby is wonderful as a teacher and it was such a pleasure to learn with her”

“Excellent all the way through”

John Frawley’s weekend

“John Frawley is always, precise, understandable and prepared to go over anything if required. Great expanse of knowledge”

I very much enjoyed the course – the standard of tuition was very good. John Frawley is always knowledgeable and happy to share”

Astrology in Action

“Rob Hand was excellent – great to sit at the feet of the master!”

“The standard of tuition was excellent”

“The standards of the school are very high”

“The tutors were excellent – very stimulating”

Module 3

“ I enjoyed it 100% – it was perfect”

“The chart interpretations cannot be improved. It was fantastic – just the right mix of energies…Rich, high level, professionally delivered – the tutors were fabulous and I have grown in the course of the work”

“Inspiring, a privilege, astounding – I will be returning next year and every year”

Module 9

“I enjoyed the course very much. Rich and intense and a thorough, empowering experience – I feel accepted, safe, ready to go on in beginning my practice. The standard of tuition was very, very high”

“The standard of tuition was very high indeed, as always!”

Exeter College

“Exeter College is a lovely venue and I look forward to coming here again”

“Fantastic! What a privilege to be here in Oxford and all enclosed together in the cloisters!”

“This is a magical place to be”

“After six years of Summer Schools, it is difficult to imagine a better place”

Some Photographs:

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