Summer School 2016

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Summer School 2016 Report

Tutors: Penny de Abreu, Bernadette Brady, Geoffrey Cornelius, Cat Cox, Darby Costello, Patrick Curry, Bernard Eccles, Kim Farley, Stevi Gaydon, Clare Martin, Deborah Morgan, Melanie Reinhart, Jane Ridder-Patrick, Carole Taylor, Graeme Tobyn and Polly Wallace.

It really was a week of enchanted learning at the 2016 Summer School – an inspiring and richly rewarding week of study amidst the beauty of Exeter College, with its magnificent architecture, exquisite chapel and secret gardens.

This was the Faculty’s 30th Summer School, and its 29th in Oxford – a full Saturn cycle! The event has become the centrepiece of our year, a joyful time of friendship and bonding as an astrological ‘family’, but also an opportunity for some deep learning. From the feedback we received, it was clear that the teaching at this year’s Summer School was transformational for so many of the participants, whether attending one of the weekend courses, the open five-day Astrology in Action programme, or one of the regular course modules on offer during the week.

We were delighted to welcome back former Faculty President Clare Martin for a weekend on ‘Astrology and Alchemy’, which gave a chance for some very deep personal work – and Graeme Tobyn’s weekend on ‘Applying Astrology in Holistic Health’ also proved very popular, as participants explored their charts through the lens of traditional medical astrology.

Both Clare and Graeme were also part of our ‘Astrology in Action’ tutor team, which offered sessions on everything from forecasting techniques to deep chart work to an exploration of the nature of health and healing from a psychological perspective, all giving a chance for working on our own charts and an alchemical journey of self-discovery. In the mix too was a track which tackled the challenging subject of where astrology sits between science and enchantment – in the hands of Bernadette Brady, Jane Ridder-Patrick, Geoffrey Cornelius and Patrick Curry, the discussion was deep and searching, offering many well-researched ideas about astrology’s place in history and in the contemporary world.

Not forgetting the heart of the Faculty’s educational remit, we offered two whole modules at the Summer School – Module 3 (Natal Chart Interpretation) and Module 9 (Advanced Chart Interpretation), skilfully taught by Penny de Abreu and Polly Wallace, and Cat Cox and Deborah Morgan. The Module students worked hard on these intensive courses, developing their skills under the supportive care of the tutors.

The programme was rounded off with early morning meditations that honoured the planetary deities by reciting the Orphic hymns, entertaining evening talks, a choice of workshops on Egyptian astronomy, chart calculation without an ephemeris (yes, it is possible!) and the I Ching, plus a tour of the medieval city of Oxford – and of course the celebratory Gala Dinner followed by music and dancing on our final night.

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Here’s a video that will give you a flavour of Summer School

(Video by Cathy Beckham)


Feedback for Summer School 2016

Here is what some of the participants said about this year’s event:

“I enjoyed the variety of tutoring styles which gave me a real flavour as to how astrology can be practiced.” Distance Learning Student.

“This was an exceptional experience and I felt very well cared for – thank you!” Astrology in Action Delegate

“Excellent – we were fortunate to have some of the best thinkers in modern astrology teaching us.” Weekend & 5 Day course Delegate

“It’s the best experience ever to attend the Module at the Summer School. Exeter College is our sacred space.” Module 9 Student

“Fantastic, friendly helpful teachers and students.” Module 3 Student

“Beautiful venue with some lovely spaces.” Weekend Delegate

Summer School 2017

The dates for next year’s Summer School will be Friday 18th-Friday 25th August 2017.

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Lindsay Gladstone, Summer School Registrar

Lindsay Gladstone

Carole Taylor, Summer School Programme Coordinator

Carole Taylor


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