Summer School 2017

Summer School: 18th-25th August 2017

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We have a rich and full programme for this year’s event, with our usual wide range of courses, workshops and evening lectures.

Weekend and Five-Day courses are available and you can choose to stay either residential or non-residential, with a variety of meal and pricing options.

On this page you will find an overview of our programme, but be sure to download both the main brochure and the Astrology in Action brochure for full details.


Changes to the programme

We regret to say that ROB HAND is unable to join us for the Summer School this year. We are delighted that world-renowned astrologer CHRISTEEN SKINNER will teach some of Rob's sessions and MICHAEL LUTIN will also be teaching some of them. Click here to download the changes to the Summer School programme.

Key contacts

If you have any queries, contact us by email:

Lindsay Gladstone, Summer School Registrar

  Lindsay Gladstone

for general enquires and questions about accommodation and travel

Carole Taylor, Summer School Programme Coordinator

Carole Taylor

for questions about the programme, Faculty modules and course credits 

Our world-class Summer School 2017 Tutor Team

dsc_0382-resizedGuest Tutors: Darby Costello, Bernard Eccles, Robin Heath, Michael Lutin, Melanie Reinhart and Christeen Skinner

Please note: Christeen Skinner replaces Rob Hand on the teaching team

Faculty Tutors: Cat Cox, Sue Farebrother, Kim Farley, Stevi Gaydon, Lindsay Gladstone, Deborah Morgan, Glòria Roca and Carole Taylor

The Faculty is delighted to welcome back Michael Lutin to the Summer School – Michael has a well-deserved reputation as an astrologer of depth and insight, with extensive knowledge and experience.

In addition, it is a wonderful treat for us to have Bernard Eccles and Robin Heath as tutors on the five-day Astrology in Action course. Both bring extensive practical knowledge of astrology, astronomy and sacred geometry, as well as fine teaching skills. We are sad that Faculty Patron Rob Hand has had to cancel his appearance at Summer School this year - but we are delighted to welcome world-renowned astrologer Christeeen Skinner, who will be teaching one of the two Sunday afternoon workshops and on the five-day course Astrology in Action.

Our regular guest tutors, Darby Costello and Faculty Patron Melanie Reinhart, round off our excellent tutor team – with Melanie bringing her wisdom and experience to bear on one of the weekend courses.

For pictures and biographies of our Summer School tutors, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Brasenose Lane, Oxford - by


The Art and Practice of Complete Horoscope Interpretation
Michael Lutin

Many people go from one astrologer to another, spending time, energy and money listening to one opinion after another. We should indeed explore all aspects of the discipline – but what are clients really looking for? The missing component is the intimacy of contact that answers questions clients don't even know they have. In a safe environment clients are free to be seen, known and validated on a level so often lacking in horoscope sessions despite the good intentions of the practitioner. This workshop distils into one weekend the essence of a three-year course of study developed by Michael over the years. It will unite clear definitions of planetary configurations and cycles while encouraging you to use your own creativity and develop your own definitions. It will also describe the psychological and metaphysical elements necessary to clarify the effects of the planets and bodies beyond. We will identify the true rulers of a horoscope through use of dispositors, planetary pictures and repetitive patterns. We want to create an experience from which clients can take away something of lifelong useful value. Most of all we must combine psychological awareness, sensitivity and expertise along with a truly committed spiritually-aware attitude. Such an enriching method will help answer those questions clients don't even know they are asking, while forming a powerful, healing alliance between astrologer and client.

Dragon’s Head & Dragon’s Tail ~ The Nodal Axis
Melanie Reinhart

Eclipses always occur when the Sun and Moon are near the Nodal Axis, as they are now. The Nodal points are not physical objects, but represent the intersection of the pathways of the Sun, Moon and Earth; their symbolism refers us to the balancing, indeed the incarnating, of the interplay between the Primary Lights, the Luminaries. Here we find our relationship to the people, places and events which shape our destiny, and here we confront the ‘dragons’ of the ‘Three Poisons’ described in Buddhism: craving, aversion and ignorance. During this weekend, we explore the astronomy and mythology of the Nodes and of Eclipses, and discover new ways of considering them in our own horoscope. A guided imagery exercise will be included.




Astrology in Action offers three simultaneous tracks on different themes. You can either follow one theme throughout the week or move between the three tracks as you please. You are also welcome to come for just a day or two, either residential or non-residential. Credits are available for some sections of Astrology in Action (Module 7b, Module 8a, Module 8b and Module 8c). The total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday 21st August will be a particular feature within the course, which includes sessions on eclipses in both traditional and contemporary astrological practice.

Track 1: Global Vision: Living in Interesting Times

Darby Costello, Cat Cox, Bernard Eccles, Michael Lutin, Melanie Reinhart and Christeen Skinner

Global vision

Global vision

This track is about using astrology to understand the current times – and to make the most of our unfolding future. This will include sessions on the three outer planet cycles of Uranus-Neptune, Uranus-Pluto and Neptune-Pluto, the meaning of eclipses, the Saturn-Chiron square, Uranus in Taurus, money and prosperity, identifying our strengths and finding our vocation, the current state of the world (the reverberations of Brexit, the US election), the effects of Pluto in the collective psyche, and tools for the individual in navigating the current times.  We will also look at what happens when a planet is first discovered and how it emerges into collective consciousness.

Track 2: Techniques for Astrological Practice 

Working with birth charts

Working with birth charts

Cat Cox, Michael Lutin, Melanie Reinhart, Glòria Roca, Christeen Skinner and Carole Taylor

This track offers a range of techniques and ideas to apply in chart work, including electional astrology, composite charts, the astrology of mothers and daughters, the graphic ephemeris, the consultation chart, techniques from traditional astrology, working with prediction and forecasting, and the thorny (and philosophical) issue of choosing a house system. The sessions here are designed to appeal both to working astrologers and also to those who are simply following their own chart.


Track 3: Calling Down the Heavens: Astrology, Space & Number 

Cat Cox, Bernard Eccles, Robin Heath, Glòria Roca and Carole Taylor

The orbit of Venus

The orbit of Venus

Here we take a journey through ritual space and number as media for the expression of sky, cosmos and sacred experience, from reflections of the celestial picture in ancient monuments and temples, to the elegant geometries of the astrological birth chart. This track covers extensive material: ancient ideas about harmony and ritual spaces; the correspondences between letters, numbers and planets in the Ancient World in the work of Pythagoras, Plato and the Neoplatonists; Kepler’s planetary harmonics; how space and time are measured; the development of an ordered cosmos via the geometry of the planets and the zodiac; the Sun-Moon and the rhythms of life on earth; and landscape zodiacs. There will also be sessions on quintiles, septiles and noviles in the birth chart and the technique of harmonic charts; astro-cartography; and the chart itself as ritual space.


This course is now full.

Kim Farley and Stevi Gaydon [equivalent to Module 3 of the Foundation Course. Attracts 20 credits towards the Faculty’s Certificate] This is a practical course designed to help you bring together the basic building blocks of the chart – planets, signs, houses, angles and aspects – into an integrated chart interpretation. You will be working with your own and others’ charts and you will gain practice and confidence in identifying the main themes in a chart. You will also explore the philosophy of astrology and its place in the modern world. This course is suitable for anyone who has a working knowledge of the planets, signs, houses and aspects, equivalent to Modules 1 and 2 of the Faculty’s Foundation Course.


Sue Farebrother & Deborah Morgan [equivalent to Module 6: Diploma Course – attracts 20 credits towards the Faculty’s Diploma] This is a practical course with a two-fold aim: firstly, to help you develop your chart interpretation skills at intermediate level and secondly, to learn how to weave the main forecasting techniques into an integrated forecasting picture. Throughout the course, the emphasis will be on how we can put astrological material across to a client in a way which is sensitive and non-judgmental, but which also goes deeply into the chart's potentials and challenges. Transits, solar returns, secondary progressions and solar arc directions will be incorporated in this course and you will be expected to have a basic working knowledge of these forecasting techniques as well as a basic grasp of natal chart interpretation. Please note: These two Chart Interpretation courses are self-contained and develop through the week, so you are required to attend the whole course if you enrol.

New to Summer School!


Thursday 24th August

With Lindsay Gladstone and Carole Taylor

Introducing astrology

Learning the craft

This self-contained day is aimed at complete beginners and anyone wishing to brush up on the basics. This is a great way to meet fellow astrologers, experience the Faculty and its Summer School, and find out if astrology is for you! You can attend either as a day delegate or with overnight accommodation.



Sunday 20th August

Sacred Geometery: Drawing the Heavens
Daniel Docherty

In this workshop, we will construct geometric patterns with compasses and straight-edge. Our focus will be on the fivefold Flower of Life creation diagram and we will look at 'coincidental' relationships between Earth and our closest heavenly neighbours, Moon, Venus and Mercury. We will explore how planetary patterns and archetypes may be consciously embodied through the practice of sacred geometry. This universal language - study of the 'ever-true' – in turn can serve as a powerful astrological mnemonic enriching our artistic and contemplative practices.

All equipment for the workshop will be provided.

Life-Mapping: Combining the Techniques of Transits, Solar Arc and Secondary Progressions
Christeen Skinner

Please bring your own chart (or someone you are interested in) and an ephemeris for 2018. This workshop will be hands-on. We begin with a case study to illustrate how integration of several techniques mirrored the person’s life journey. Then, using your practice chart we will consider probable major trends and life turning points. In particular, we will look at planetary conditions in 2018 and how these might impact the studied chart. this.

Christeen's workshop replaces Rob Hand's workshop on Integrated Transits. Rob is unable to join us for the Summer School this year.

Wednesday 23rd August

Avebury stone circle, by Jim Champion

Trip to Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire. THE TRIP TO AVEBURY IS NOW FULLY BOOKED.

Robin Heath

Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world and can be seen as a geodetic centre, a prehistoric Sun-Moon observatory, calendar and eclipse predictor. A minibus will pick participants up from Exeter College promptly at 1.30pm, to maximise our time at this beautiful ancient site. An exciting afternoon led by an expert ‘in the field’!

Only 23 places available.

If booking for Avebury: Please bring a waterproof jacket and a pair of shoes suitable for walking in fields.

The Harmony of the Spheres
Helen Atkinson and Angela Voss

A workshop exploring the connections between astrology and music, with musician, astrologer and Ficino scholar Angela Voss and musician Helen Atkinson.


Early morning meditations 7.30-8am with Cat Cox and Melanie Reinhart – each meditation will be based around the planet which governs the day.

Wednesday afternoon meditation with Melanie Reinhart, 2.30-3.30pm

Evening Talks

With Bernard Eccles, Michael Lutin, Christeen Skinner and Robin Heath. Plus an evening concert with Angela Voss and Helen Atkinson.

Credits are available for the following modules and part-modules:

Module 3 Module 6 Module 8a – Astro-cartography Module 8b – the Individual and the Collective Module 8c – Electional Astrology Module 7b – Harmonics



Cohen Quad En-suite Bathroom

Brand new single en-suite bedrooms available at Cohen Quad

Cohen Quad is the recently constructed residential and teaching space of Exeter College.  Situated only a 10-minute walk away from Exeter College this site offers single en-suite accommodation; each bedroom equipped with its own refrigerator.

Modern, light and airy this award-winning building boasts lifts to all floors as well as its own café, where breakfast will be available to the attendees of the Five-Day courses. Weekend attendees will breakfast at the main dining hall of Exeter College.

Cohen Quad Bedroom

There is a generous choice of hot and cold options at breakfast and lunch, and dinner is a served two-course meal. Alternatively, a half-board option is available for delegates who prefer to make their own arrangements either for lunch or dinner.

Tea and coffee are served in the morning and afternoon breaks, and tea and coffee-making facilities are available in all bedrooms.



Cohen Quad Cafe







Cohen Quad








In Exeter College, Turl Street, both standard and en-suite accommodation is available. All rooms start at first floor level and there are no lifts. Delegates in standard rooms share a bathroom, with a maximum of four rooms to each bathroom. En-suite accommodation is either single occupancy or twin-set. All the accommodation at Turl Street is in college, close to the lecture rooms and Faculty conference office. Exeter is an undergraduate college and the accommodation is therefore simple but comfortable. If you do not wish to stay in Exeter College or Cohen Quad, Oxford has many hotels and guest houses to choose from – links to useful websites will be included with the course information sent to you on enrolment.

Oxford and Exeter College Street Map

Course Fees

Prices for bed & breakfast, full-board and half-board, both standard and en-suite, are available here and on the booking pages of this website. The listed prices include all tuition, tea and coffee, evening lecture sessions and, for Five Day courses, if the dinner option is chosen, the Thursday evening Gala Dinner.

Non-Residential and Day Delegates

Non-residential and day delegates are also very welcome. This means you can attend the Summer School whilst arranging your own accommodation or by travelling from your home. You can book for up to three days as a day delegate on the Astrology in Action course. Please contact the Summer School Registrar, Lindsay Gladstone, on for details.


DARBY COSTELLO Hon DFAstrolS has been an astrologer for more than half her life and is engaged in many layers of the astrological community. She has taught at the CPA since 1988 and the Faculty since the early 1990s, and lectures and teaches internationally. She has written several books including 'The Astrological Moon', 'Water and Fire' and 'Earth and Air'. Darby was awarded the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University in 2006. Her consultation practice is at the heart of her working life as an astrologer.



CAT COX DFAstrolS is the Faculty President and Head Tutor. She began studying astrology in London in the 1980s and gained the Faculty Diploma in 1996. She has studied horary astrology with John Frawley and was awarded the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University in 2007, after which she returned to the Faculty to teach. She is interested in magical and experiential approaches to astrology and in the spiritual dimensions of astrological practice.



DANIEL DOCHERTY is a graduate of The Prince's School of Traditional Art where he studied sacred geometry with Professor Keith Critchlow and Paul Marchant. In 2014 he co-founded the educational initiative SacredArtofGeometry/SAOG Studios (




BERNARD ECCLES Hon DFAstrolS has been teaching and writing about astrology for over 30 years, and has won numerous awards, as well as twice being President of the Astrological Lodge of London. His astrology draws on both the ancient world and more contemporary techniques, but is always linked to the visible sky and the cycles of time and season. Astrology is still both art and craft, he insists – a thing of joyous revelation and insight rather than mere computation.



SUE FAREBROTHER DFAstrolS has been a professional astrologer and tarot consultant for more than 25 years in private practice in London, UK. She teaches astrology at Foundation and Intermediate level for the Faculty. She also teaches courses in the tarot in London. Sue gained a distinction for her Cultural Astronomy and Astrology MA dissertation in 2007. Her beginners book, 'Astrology Decoded', was published in 2013 to critical acclaim and is a Faculty recommended book. She is currently working on her next astrology book for Rider.



KIM FARLEY DFAstrolS discovered astrology at her Saturn Return and has been a part of the Faculty since the early 1990s. She feels immensely lucky to have taught generations of London classes alongside her home-based private practice and tutoring beginners has always held a special place in her heart. In her view, astrology represents the richest possible use of imagination and creative thinking. Kim is also an independent funeral celebrant.



STEVI GAYDON DFAstrolS is a tutor with the Faculty. She has run an astrological practice from her home in Northamptonshire since gaining her Diploma in 2010 and her work with clients is informed by her background in life coaching and training interpersonal skills. Stevi is the Faculty’s Vice President and Advertising Manager. She has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales.



LINDSAY GLADSTONE DFAstrolS Inspired by a heartfelt connection to the starry heavens. Lindsay’s passion for astrology gained her the Faculty Diploma in 2012 and the M.A. in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2015. Fascinated by the encapsulation of celestial grace encoded within the symbolism of astrology her particular interests focus on the creation myths and divine illumination. She has an astrological practice in West Sussex and runs astrology courses and lectures.



ROB HAND Hon DFAstrolS is a Faculty Patron and one of astrology’s leading lights. He has written many classic texts – including 'Planets in Transit', 'Planets in Composite', 'Planets in Youth', 'Essays on Astrology' and 'Night and Day' – and is well known for his research work in ancient and medieval astrology and for establishing ARHAT, a formal archive, library and publishing company to continue his lifelong work in astrology. Rob holds a PhD in medieval history.

We regret that Rob is unable to join us at the Summer School this year.


ROBIN HEATH is a graduate of UCNW, Bangor, and started his career as a research and Development engineer prior to becoming a senior lecturer in mathematics and engineering. Since 1990 he has been seeking out evidence for the prehistoric science embedded within the megalithic monuments in Britain, Ireland and France. In 1993 Robin founded Megalithic Tours and has written ten books revealing evidence of high culture in the astronomy, geometry and metrology of ancient artifacts. For forty years, Robin has been a practicing astrologer. During the mid-1990s, he
was editor of the Astrological Journal.


MICHAEL LUTIN holds a BA from Trinity College and attended Harvard and Yale. He holds Level 4 NCGR and was a member of the International Society for Communicative Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, studying under Robert Langs. He is a member of the National Press Club of Washington DC and author of five books including 'Sunshines: The Astrology of Being Happy'; 'Saturn Signs: The Astrology of Stress, Fear& Anxiety'; 'Made in Heaven'; and 'Childhood Rising: The Astrology of Your Mother, Father & You'.



DEBORAH MORGAN DFAstrolS is a Faculty distance learning tutor. She runs her own astrological practice in Nottingham and specialises in astrology

for personal and business development. She is keenly interested in the Western Mystery Tradition, mythology and their links with astrology. She runs online and real world workshops that focus on the solar year and lunar cycles, attuning participants to the natural rhythms of the seasons, land and sky.




MELANIE REINHART DFAstrolS is a patron of the Faculty, and a prizewinning Diploma-holder. Since 1959 astrology has been central to her life, and she has been a professional astrologer since 1975, offering consultations, writing and teaching in the UK and abroad. She is known for her original research on new celestial objects. Books include: ‘Chiron and the Healing Journey’, ‘Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs’, 'Incarnation', and ‘Saturn: Time, Heritage and Substance’. Melanie has a special interest in meditative experience as a healing modality.



GLÒRIA ROCA DFAstrolS started to study astrology formally in 1991 with the Faculty. She studied esoteric astrology with Alan Oken and Hermetic Symbology at the Centre d'Estudis de Simbologia de Barcelona. She obtained the Faculty's Certificate in 1993 and its Diploma in 2002. Gloria works as a teacher, consultant astrologer and Faculty tutor, combining this work with her astro-feng shui practice and research in her fields of interest: psychological astrology and local space techniques.



CHRISTEEN SKINNER. A practising astrologer for more than 30 years, Christeen has been looking at planetary pictures since she was nine years old.

She is fascinated by the correlation between particular planetary formations and events on earth. Measuring the apparent links between these pictures and financial markets pleases her immensely. She is deeply committed to the development of greater understanding of the potential of astrology and supportive of those researching links between the planets and trends in music, architecture and politics. She is a well respected key player on the astrology speaking circuit with focus on financial and business matters. In 2004 ‘The Financial Universe’ was published followed by ‘Exploring the Financial Universe’ in 2016. Her latest book ‘The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe’ will be published in March 2017.






CAROLE TAYLOR FFAstrolS is the Summer School Programme Co-ordinator and Director of Studies, responsible for the development of the Faculty’s course material. Formerly the President and Head of the London Classes, she has been a Faculty Foundation and Diploma tutor for 17 years. Carole holds the MA (with distinction) in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University. She teaches at Heaven and Earth Workshops in Bali, and runs an astrological practice in West Sussex.



ANGELA VOSS is a lecturer on the new MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church University. A former professional musician, from 2006-2010 she directed an MA in the cultural study of Cosmology and Divination at the University of Kent. Angela is also a practising astrologer and tarot reader.

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