Faculty Open Day 2016


‘The Astrological Path: Walking in Two Worlds’

Faculty Open Day took place on Saturday 19 March, at a new venue, Fyvie Hall in Regent Street.  The hall was a great success it has a lovely atmosphere and suited our celebratory mood very well, in all we were about ninety people.

Midheaven Books, Solar Fire and the Astrological Association all had stalls.  We also welcomed representatives from the two MA courses that we astrologers love so much; Cultural Astronomy and Astrology offered by The Sophia Centre, Trinity Saint David, University of Wales and Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christchurch University.

In the morning we had three excellent presentations from Faculty Students, the recordings and pdfs of the talks will be posted later.

Silvia  Lopes: ‘My Astrological Journey – Letting the Map Become the Territory’

Nicola Perry: ‘Weird Coincidences and How They Can Shape Our Lives’

Cat Cox, the new Faculty President, began the afternoon with some highlights of the past year.  The Awards Ceremony followed and photographs of the delighted recipients are below.  The Life as a Diploma Holder section in which three astrologers describe how their astrological life, post Diploma, featured Dragana Van De Moortel-Ilic, Martin Lipson & Kim Farley – the three talks were excellent, entertaining and delightful, the recordings will be posted soon.

In the final session of the day Clare Martin, gave a wonderful talk called ‘Practical Magic’ in which Clare explored how astrology helps us to live magically in everyday life through an understanding of the very practical relationship between the signs of the zodiac and the traditional seasonal festivals and rituals that enhance our knowledge of the signs and helps us transform our art into lived experience.  Thank you Clare for a great talk and for presenting the Awards.

Finally of course it was off to the pub, where we had a room to ourselves so we could continue to socialise in comfort and at a gentle volume.


Silvia LopesSilvia Lopes

Download Silvia’s Presentation pdf



Nicola PerryNicola Perry

Download Nicola’s Presentation pdf



Dragana Van De Moortel-IlicDragana Van de Moortel-Ilic

Download Dragana’s Presentation pdf

Download the recording


Martin LipsonMartin Lipson

Download the pdf of Martin’s talk

Download the recording 


Kim FarleyKim Farley

Download the pdf of Kim’s talk

Download the recording 
 Kim’s talk starts at 14 minutes 23 seconds.


Clare MartinClare Martin: Practical Magic

Download Clare’s Presentation pdf

Watch Clare’s Talk on YouTube:
Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6 


Some Photographs


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