Neptune in Pisces by Ana Paula Pestana

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Inspiration or Delusion? Transcendence or Utopia? Sacrifice and Martyrdom? Any of these cases may arise during the influence of Neptune. What seems important is to ask ourselves how tuned are our cosmic antennas? Will we be involved by the waters that dilute or by those that are holy (waters of compassion, love and peace)? As Neptune is filtered by its own sign its energetic manifestation is stronger and purer, but the quality of its expression in our lives depends on how we tune with the divine consciousness. So we can be unified within this consciousness, the edges of the personality that hinder the identification with the universal essence must be diluted. Neptune dissolves the illusions of the personality in order to bring us back together through the heart. With this positioning, the union is through the soul, through feeling because the soul does not think. By this I don’t mean that with Neptune in Pisces we have to stop thinking. It means that thought must be of service, employed as the vehicle that gives practical expression to the energy of love (or Virgo wouldn’t be the opposite sign to Pisces).

Since ancient times the fish is a symbol of those who share the principles of the Christian faith (without religious connotations), and so, Jesus and his disciples were fishermen. Symbolically, through faith, they fished men to the Holy / Sacred Waters. We purify ourselves through the waters of Neptune (Neptune / Pisces). In order to generate this love in us it is important to purify our condition, so the vehicle can accommodate the essence. For this (and more reasons) we can see this symbolic expression of Pisces (the fish) in the sign of Virgo:

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Neptune in Pisces represents to everyone (particularly Pisces) the dissolving of our boundaries without losing our centre. Otherwise, we will be confused, deluded, poisoned, lost if we do not put our discriminating mind to our service: separating the wheat from the chaff, freeing ourselves of what is no longer, lets us evolve, all the layers that separate us from the love, and deal with life from the centre of God’s will.

But we cannot see through Neptune with the lens of personality. It is important to transcend this condition, and that is why, when we do, we love unconditionally (without conditions!). The focus for the Neptunian energy is only possible with the 3rd vision, the lens of the soul, out of polarisation, focused on the apex of the triangle (the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci, the man that knows who he is, that is individualised, finds divine proportion within himself). The lens that allows us to see inside the waters without running the risk of distorting the image and get lost in the illusions of form. This sense of the absolute, which in other times and just as today, we tried to achieve and conquer, is right here within us. The demand is no longer abroad.

For 15 years Neptune in Pisces is the King. He does not guarantee enlightenment; we will only have the promise of refinement. The leap into the waters of Neptune in Pisces is a jump in the silence, a gift from heaven so we can hear only what is important. And in the silence, we hear the voice of God…

Neptune will sextile Pluto in Capricorn between 2014 and 2023 (without ever making an exact aspect to Neptune due to its retrograde motion). It is an opportunity for the personality to be reborn to the Spirit, since Neptune will be in harmonious aspect with the esoteric ruler of Pisces (Pluto). But it will have to have passed first through the process of refinement with the soul. The first leap of the personality occurs in Scorpio where Pluto is important in the rebirth that expands our initial condition. He shows us the truth and shows us the way (Sagittarius). After walking the path, Pluto, as Pisces esoteric ruler, is the renaissance for the Spirit, the Union with the Father. Therefore, these are unique times, wonderful, since Pluto is in Capricorn, which symbolises the initiation of the disciple. In 2013 Saturn in Scorpio, is in sextile with Pluto and trine with Neptune asking the materialisation and the crystallisation of initiation that connects us with the Love of Christ through the acceptance of the regeneration process. We have to open our boundaries, dissolve our fears (only the personality has fears) and accept all the experiences that allow us to reborn. Saturn marks the time, and these are times of transformation through the energy of love.

It’s Time to Navigate … But with your eyes opened so we can see when we get to the House of the Father.

So be it!

Ana Paula PestanaAna Paula Pestana is a Foundation Distance Learning student.

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