Saturn, from Libra to Scorpio – Unraveling Skeletons by Ana Paula Pestana

The Disciple on the Path of Alchemy

Saturn defines the limits according to our level of Consciousness. He sets the experiences and lessons we must go through and confronts us with the consequences of our choices. Therefore he asks us for responsibility.

Over time, Saturn helps us to become wise and responsible beings during our incarnation. In ancient times, masters used Lead (Saturn) to turn it into Gold (Sun). Likewise, in our Life, it is by dealing with reality, accepting the experiences that pull us from our comfort zone, that we discover the best in ourselves, our Gold, our Consciousness. And by doing this we move one step forward in the rings of Saturn.

In October 2009, Saturn entered the sign of Libra were he stayed until October 2012. His presence meant:

– Responsibility for the commitments and the choices we make.
– Responsibility for equivocal projections we make on others. All that is reflected by the mirror (the other) represents our unconscious side, i.e., that which is hidden within us. In the game of mirrors, the better our ability of accepting and integrating what the other gives back to us, the clearer the image because this is the way to gain self-awareness. If, instead, we continue to project, we break mirrors. Love your equal as yourself. Therefore, the quality of love in a relationship will define the love that the individual has for himself. And if man was made ​​in the image and likeness of his Creator, to find God man needs to recognize his true Self in the mirror, and in the mirror he sees his equal.
– Purification through the Love for others.
– Development of Wisdom in relationships.
– Development of balance of responsibilities and ambition.
– Construction of Justice.
– Initiation of the process of Consciousness because God manifests himself through correct human relations (Djwhal Khul). As Saturn rules the Antakarana (from the Sanskrit – Rainbow Bridge), located at the heart chakra, it makes the brain consciousness of the disciple receptive to intuition and impressions coming from the higher spiritual realms and the mind of God. It uses mental substance to build a bridge between the personality and the Soul through the energy of Love. And Man gains this awareness through relationships (passing from Venus to Neptune, from duality to Unity).

With Saturn in Libra, We should ask of others only what they can give us (Saint Exupéry) otherwise I am not Seeing the other, but a projection of myself.

In Scorpio we face the portal of the 4th ray (the process of Alchemy itself contains 4 phases) representing Harmony through Conflict, where personality faces a battle with its illusions (Maya). The battle will be all the more intense the more visceral and instinctive our connection to the outer “objects” that gives us a false sense of security are. By entering the sign of Scorpio, Saturn brings us into a deeper experience. Brings us to deprivation of emotional satisfaction that is polarized with getting what we desire, when our desires no longer contribute to our evolution. It’s a dip in the Shadow, into what is hidden away from our Consciousness.

So, with Saturn in Scorpio, we have to ask ourselves:

What do I have to let go, to give away, to lose?
What must circulate in our lives so that we can create
space to build something new?

The fear of losing power may enhance the conflicts and the feeling of both social and political oppression. But it isn’t only the high structures of power that need to be transformed. In some way, society’s authority models reflect the models inside us (because society is made by individuals). So, fears of losing the political father, the one who ensured our safety and comfort, may arise.

Once we have taken responsibility for our relationships (Saturn in Libra), it is time to be responsible for the transformation of reflections, distortions and broken mirrors that we have created as individuals. Saturn, known as the Lord of the Threshold, the one who puts us in the process of purification (purgation), asks us for:

– Responsibility for accepting our fears and shadows.
– Death and transformation of the old structures of power and security, of old models of authority.
– Redefinition of the limits of our personal power (use it wisely).
– Healing of the past, society, and the death of guilt.

Saturn (Lead) in Scorpio (the transformation process) is the opportunity to transform ourselves into Alchemists. It is the Union with the Spirit, the transformation into bodies of Light, the discovery of the Gold inside us (the Sun). However, to obtain the Philosophical Stone, the Wisdom, we must face the skeletons in our closets, those secrets that we don’t even confess to ourselves, the structures we build and used to bring us “security”, the infinity of layers and layers we have put over our bodies (and lives) that have made us dense and heavy. Are we feeling Old or Wise? Tired or Experienced?

The mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn makes the process more intense and inevitable. The social and governmental rot will come to the surface. The transformation of such a heavy structure takes time!

If Capricorn is the portal of the Gods, Cancer is the portal through which the soul descends to Earth (Alice Bailey). When diving in Cancer, the Individual returns to the foundation, through where the soul incarnated (and that is why the Moon symbolizes the empty void to be filled by the Soul). We ask ourselves:

What mountain has one climbed and which one we no longer identify with?

It is time to fall down the mountain. Esoterically, Neptune rules Cancer, which means we must transcend our personal needs and be aware of what really nourishes us. By dissolving these personal barriers, the goals and the mountain we propose to achieve and climb are founded (Cancer) on Universal principles, on Universal Love. So after having well understood the connection between Earth and Heaven, the Soul can ascend again through Capricorn.

The restructuring of society (Pluto in Capricorn) must be founded on principles of Justice, Love and Compassion (Saturn trine to Neptune in Pisces). What is not so will come to the surface (all the social and political garbage we have seen) to be integrated into personal and social awareness (Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception). Based on this regeneration and integration, we are ready to start something new and set new goals. We can become pioneers (Uranus in Aries) and devote ourselves to an Humanitarian cause where each individual is Free and aware of its similar.

These are very demanding times as there are strong energies in the sign of Scorpio pushing Humanity into transformation: Saturn in Scorpio (October 2012 to September 2015), total Solar Eclipse in 21º of Scorpio (in November 13th, 2012) and North Node of the Moon in Scorpio (from August 31st, 2012 to February, 2014).

Ana Paula Pestana
Ana Paula Pestana

I’m a 33 years old Brazilian but been living in Portugal since I was 2. My education had an important catholic background since an early age. However, when I turned 15 this religious system was no longer adequate for me. To many questions with no fulfilling answers. Although I have always been interested in spirituality and in the interpretation of symbols, it took me 10 years to start studying astrology in a serious and structured way. I develop my astrological studies and techniques based on the ancient wisdom principles because for me Astrology is an important tool that helps to find the path, the path to Unity.

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