Summer School 2018


Summer School 2018 Report

Tutors:  Rod Chang, Brian Clark, Frances Clynes, Cat Cox, Angela Cornish, Penny de Abreu, Darby Costello, Kim Farley, Stevi Gaydon, Lindsay Gladstone, Christian Koenig, Clare Martin, Chris Mitchell, Deborah Morgan, Melanie Reinhart, Glòria Roca, Christeen Skinner,
Carole Taylor, Dragana Van de moortel – Ilic.

2018 is the year of the Faculty’s 70th birthday and the desire to congregate in order to celebrate this amazing achievement was indicated by the number of delegates in attendance, a figure which even surpassed the record breaking enrolments of 2017! In Exeter College the atmosphere was positively Venusian, with delegates from 33 countries expressing ‘entente cordiale’ throughout the entire proceedings.

After the two popular weekend courses facilitated by Christeen Skinner and Brian Clark, during the week lectures were focused on the three tracks of Psyche and Symbol, Ancient and Modern Techniques of Astrological Practice and the Astrology of Time and of Relationships.

The tutor line up was impressive and in particular we were privileged to welcome Angela Cornish, Chris Mitchell, Clare Martin, Christeen Skinner, and all the way from Tasmania, Brian Clark. All of the tutors involved in Summer School presented lectures of the highest quality and running alongside the Astrology in Action tracks were the tutors and students of the two modular 5 day courses of Natal Chart Interpretation (Module 3) and Astro-Consultancy and Consultation (Module 9) and last but not least, the one-day course Introduction to Astrology, which proved a popular choice for new and beginner students.

A joyous Gala Dinner was highlighted by vignettes given by Sue Tompkins and Faculty Presidents, past and present, Lindsay Radermacher, Clare Martin, Carole Taylor and Cat Cox, all of whom inspired the assembled company with tales of their first tentative steps into the magical world of astrology.

The Faculty Council look forward to welcoming you to Summer School 2019 which will be held at the impressive venue of Exeter College, Oxford, 16th-23rd August.

Here is what some of this year’s delegates had to say about their Summer School experience.

‘I never fail to be amazed at the integrity, knowledge and teaching ability of the tutors.’

‘It was an amazing week – I feel a part of a great community.’

‘I love Summer School!’

‘Thank you for an interesting and inspiring week.’

‘I found the Cohen Quad extremely comfortable and I would love to stay there again.’

Lindsay Gladstone,
Summer School Registrar
Bookings, fees, accommodation, travel & general enquiries

Carole Taylor,
Summer School Programme Coordinator
Programme and course credits

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Pictures from the Gala Dinner evening, 23 August 2018:

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