This year the Faculty celebrates its 70th birthday with an
All-Star Oxford Summer School from 17th-24th August 2018!


Brian Clark * Clare Martin * Christeen Skinner 

 Penny de Abreu * Rod Chang * Frances Clynes * Angela Cornish

Darby Costello * Cat Cox * Kim Farley * Stevi Gaydon * Lindsay Gladstone

Christian Koenig * Chris Mitchell * Deborah Morgan * Melanie Reinhart

 Glòria Roca * Carole Taylor * Dragana Van de moortel- Ilić 

Welcome to Summer School

Our Summer School is recognised internationally as a unique event in the astrological calendar, attracting students and tutors from around the world. The programme caters for a range of levels, from beginners through to students and practitioners at advanced and professional level.

With our world-class team of tutors offering a dynamic programme of study, this is a chance to work with astrology in depth, developing knowledge of new subjects and techniques, and deepening your understanding of existing ones.

Booking for Summer School 2018 is now closed. 


Get full details of the week in the following downloads:

If you want to brush up on any of the astrological techniques before your visit check out  the list of Previous Summer School Recordings here.

Lindsay Gladstone,
Summer School Registrar
Bookings, fees, accommodation, travel & general enquiries

Carole Taylor, Summer School Programme Coordinator
Programme and course credits

Weekend Courses

Friday 17th August at 5pm until Sunday 19th August at 1pm.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Financial Universe

Christeen Skinner

By the close of this weekend course you will understand the link between solar and planet cycles and market activity, and to which planet cycles certain stock markets and commodities are most sensitive, and will know how to identify key trading dates. One session will consider your own chart and potential as a trader, whilst another will consider the questions put by clients wishing to trade. This course is rich in data and those attending will be presented with a portfolio of essential charts.

An Astrological Guide to a Fulfilling Vocation: Career, Creativity & Calling

Brian Clark

The process of vocation is lifelong; it encompasses more than our work, our activities, our creativity or our career. While it questions how we make our living, vocation is how we find meaning in living. Vocation is becoming who we are meant to be. During the weekend, we will follow our vocational path as outlined by our horoscopes, through the ‘houses of substance’, over the angles of the horoscope, around the lunar nodes and into the trinity of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Along the way we will discover other vocational factors, some traditional, some modern, all with the goal of illuminating our career, creativity and calling through time.

Five Day Courses

Courses run from Sunday 19th August at 5pm until Friday 24th August at 1pm. Choose either Astrology in Action or one of the Chart Interpretation Courses.

Astrology in Action

Astrology in Action offers simultaneous tracks on different themes. You can follow one track or select sessions freely from across the tracks.

If you cannot attend for the full course, you can book for up to three days as a day delegate, either residential or non-residential.

Click here to view the Astrology in Action course brochure. It contains a full list of the lecture sessions and other events at Summer School. Download your copy today and begin to plan your week!




Track 1: Psyche and Symbol

At the heart of astrology is our engagement with symbols, the archetypal language of the soul and the imagination. This track first explores the nature of the psyche, including the seminal work of Carl Jung and his impact in shaping psychological astrology. It then offers many opportunities for you to engage with your own chart, including in-depth work on a range of astrological symbols, exploring these via myths and stories, and via sessions involving personal chart work in small groups.

Track 2: Ancient and Modern: Techniques for Astrological Practice

This track spans several centuries of astrological practice. It includes a full-day introduction to Medieval Astrology, sessions addressing particular horary questions and use of horary principles, new perspectives on Chiron and the Centaurs, mundane topics, and two cutting-edge sessions exploring comets and the galactic centre. The sessions on this track aim to extend and enrich your practice of astrology through encouraging new ways of thinking about astrology.

samplechart - Francis O'Neill

Track 3A: Astrology and Time (Monday and Tuesday)

Time is intrinsic to a consideration of the birth chart as it unfolds over the course of a life. This track consists of eight sessions on transits and planetary cycles, setting them in the context of the deeper cycles of life. We will explore the unique themes of each generation and, importantly, the non-linear expression of time encompassed by the psyche as it weaves together a lifetime of events and experiences.

burne jones cupid psyche

Track 3B: The Astrology of Relationships (Wednesday-Friday)

These eight sessions offer an opportunity to explore different dimensions of the connection between two people, including the themes arising from contacts involving Saturn and the seemingly fated energy of the Nodes, the inner landscape of a relationship shown through the composite chart, and the working of symbols within the astrologer-client relationship.

Chart Interpretation Courses

These courses are designed to build skills and confidence in chart interpretation in a supported learning environment. Each course is self-contained and develops through the week, so if you enrol you are required to attend the whole course. Early booking is strongly recommended as places are limited.

Natal Chart Interpretation: Putting the Pieces Together
~ fully booked ~

[Module 3: Foundation Course – attracts 20 credits towards the Faculty’s Certificate]

Kim Farley and Stevi Gaydon

This is a practical course designed to help you bring together the basic building blocks of the chart – planets, signs, houses, angles and aspects – into an integrated chart interpretation. You will be working with your own and others’ charts and you will gain practice and confidence in identifying the main themes in a chart. You will also explore the philosophy of astrology and its place in the modern world. This course is suitable for anyone who has a working knowledge of the planets, signs, houses and aspects, equivalent to Modules 1 and 2 of the Faculty’s Foundation Course.  See for information about the contents of Modules 1 and 2.

Medieval astrologers

Advanced Interpretation & Astro-Consultancy

[Module 9: Diploma Course – attracts 20 credits towards the Faculty’s Diploma]

Deborah Morgan and Dragana Van de moortel- Ilić

This module involves the development of consultation skills and an understanding of the ethical issues which arise in client work. You will be encouraged to develop a high degree of self-awareness through the study of the synastry between yourself and your clients, and will learn how to integrate the wide range of natal and forecasting skills covered in the Diploma course into an advanced chart interpretation. These skills are developed throughout the week by carrying out a client consultation, encompassing the chart preparation, conducting the live session and then a review of the consultation in a supportive and enabling environment.

One-day Course: An Introduction to Astrology

~ fully booked ~

Monday 20th August

Penny de Abreu and Lindsay Gladstone

This self-contained day course is aimed at complete beginners and for anyone wishing to brush up on the very basics. We will look briefly at astrology’s unique system of celestial correspondences and symbolic thinking, and then go on to explore the essential components of a birth chart: the planets, zodiac signs and houses. We will then look at how planets form inter-relationships between each other via the aspects, to create the inner dynamics of the psyche. A copy of your birth chart will be provided.

This is a wonderful chance to immerse yourself in astrology for a day, learn more about yourself, meet fellow astrologers and experience the Faculty’s approach to astrology. You are welcome to attend as a day-delegate or book for overnight accommodation in college.

Extra-Curricular Workshops, Evening Lectures & Meditations

Sunday and Wednesday have free afternoons for you to relax or explore Oxford. Alternatively, join one of the afternoon workshops or meditation session.

All meditation sessions and evening lectures are included in the course fees. There is an additional charge for the afternoon workshops and the dream group.

Afternoon Workshops

Sunday 19th August (2.30-4.30pm)

The Magic of Astrology

Clare Martin

In this workshop we will explore the ancient practice of astral magic. A magical approach assumes that we are not simply passive recipients of planetary fate, but active participants in the experience of a living cosmos. We can listen for suggestions from the planetary deities which reside both within us and without, and learn to live in tune with nature and with our natures. Living magically is a way of recovering enchantment and restoring soul to everyday life.

It has long been recognized that the ritual contemplation of the images and myths of the planets is a way of collecting, holding and engaging with their powers. We will work with your own charts to evoke the planetary deities and ask what they want from us.


Astrological Geomancy

Chris Mitchell

Geomancy is a form of fortune telling that was popular in medieval and Arabic times, and has its origins in a West African form of sand divination. It has some similarities to the Chinese I Ching, in that it is a technique that generates images or ‘figures’ that can be interpreted, both via imagery and relationships to astrological houses and planets. After a brief introduction to its history and how it was used astrologically, we will do some ‘quick and dirty’ fortune telling of our own and have some fun with this surprisingly simple technique.

Wednesday 22nd August (2.30-4.30pm)


Brian Clark

Underpinning astrology is a search for meaning. It engages us in wonder and awe, but also involves us in its mysteries and ambiguities, so no matter how revealing and remarkable astrology is, it is also unknowable and puzzling. This immersion in paradox is at the heart of the creative process. Therefore the art of astrological reverie is creative, as it involves us in the contradictory processes of literality and imagination, linearity and cyclicality, signs and symbols. In this interactive workshop we will try and get our facts straight about fiction through exploring how astrology engages our creativity through its symbols and images, illuminating the path from inspiration to enunciation. This workshop will be interactive, playful, experiential and fun!

Between Heaven and Earth – Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars

Christian Koenig

The ascent of the soul was always a predominant theme of humanity. The Pyramid Texts consider that the soul comes from the stars and returns back to them after death. Astrologically, starphasing mirrors this: some stars become visible after being absent from the sky (heliacal rising), others return to Earth after living with the immortal circumpolar stars (heliacal setting). In this workshop, we will encounter these two special stars that guide you. Everyone has a heliacal rising and setting star; it is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, an important life theme beyond the chart.

Meditation Sessions

Saturday 18th-Friday 24th 7.30-8am
Cat Cox and Melanie Reinhart
Early-morning meditation sessions to honour each day’s planet.

Wednesday 22nd 2.30-3.30pm
Melanie Reinhart
A calming hour of meditation in the middle of a rich and full week!

Dream Group

~ fully booked ~

Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th 7.30-8.30am
Brian Clark
An hour each morning, over three mornings, in which to explore the dreams arising during this intensive week of astrology. If you would like to join the Dream Group you are advised to book early, since it is limited to 15 participants. Cannot be booked as individual sessions.

Evening Lectures

Speakers include Brian Clark, Christeen Skinner and Carole Taylor.

Astrological Bookstall

A full range of astrological books, journals and magazines will be available at the bookstall.


Gala Dinner on Thursday Night

with Guest Speaker: Clare Martin
This year we celebrate the Faculty’s 70th birthday. Our celebration dinner will be followed by a late bar and dancing till midnight – bring something special to wear!


Course Fees and Booking Your Place

Residential and non-residential places are available. Residential delegates can choose from bed & breakfast, half-board or full-board options. Please note: For Summer School 2018, en-suite accommodation at Exeter College is fully booked both for the weekend and for 5-day programmes. Some en-suite rooms are still available at Cohen Quad. Standard rooms can still be booked at Exeter College.


You can download the 2018 summer school brochure all the course fees and a special edition Anniversary brochure below.

Get full details of the week in the following downloads:

Booking for Summer School 2018 is now closed.

Course Credits

You can gain credits for some of the courses at Summer School which count towards the Faculty’s Certificate or Diploma.

Module 4a: Transits
Diploma Course – 15 credits

Module 7c: Synastry
Diploma Course – 10 credits

Natal Chart Interpretation (Module 3)
Foundation Course – 20 Credits (five-day course: full attendance required)

Advanced Chart Interpretation (Module 9)
Diploma Course – 20 Credits (five-day course: full attendance required)

Our World-Class Tutor Team

ROD CHANG has studied astrology for over 20 years, both through self-study and also at respected institutes such as the Faculty of Astrological Studies. His favourite aspects are mundane astrology and a humanistic approach to astrology. He has written a number of books on astrology in Chinese and has taught astrology in Mandarin for around ten years. He is co-founder of the Academy of Astrology with Jupiter Lai. From 2015 Rod has spoken at several international conferences including Poland, the UK and the 2016 Australian FAA International Astrology conference.

BRIAN CLARK is the creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning programme which has been shaped from his experience as an astrological educator over the past 35 years. Brian has an MA in Classics and Archaeology from the University of Melbourne and has been honoured with lifetime membership from the state, national and professional astrological organizations in Australia. His books and articles have been translated into numerous languages. In 2018 his latest book From the Moment We Met: the Astrology of Adult Relationships will be released.

Dr FRANCES CLYNES DFAstrolS is a Council member and tutor with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She has been a practising astrologer since 1987 and has lectured in Ireland, the UK and the US. She also a member of the Board of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and a tutor on the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

ANGELA CORNISH has practised and taught astrology in classes, talks and workshops for many years. Her special interests are horary and forecasting techniques. She holds a Diploma of the Mayo School of Astrology and the STA Diploma of Traditional Horary Astrology. She is currently an on-line tutor for the STA (School of Traditional Astrology), Secretary to the Astrological Association of Great Britain and a Council member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International.

DARBY COSTELLO Hon DFAstrolS has been an astrologer for most of her life and is engaged in many layers of the astrological community. She has taught at the CPA since 1988 and the Faculty since the early 1990s, and lectures and teaches internationally. She has written several books including The Astrological Moon, Water and Fire and Earth and Air. Darby was awarded the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University in 2006. Her consultation practice is at the heart of her working life as an astrologer.

CAT COX DFAstrolS began studying astrology 30 years ago and was awarded the Faculty Diploma in 1996. She studied horary astrology with John Frawley and was awarded the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University in 2007. She has an interest in the philosophical perspectives which inform contemporary astrology. She is also interested in the experiential dimension of astrological practice and how we work practically with symbols and myth. She is the Faculty President and Head Tutor, practices in London and loves running workshops and groups.

PENNY DE ABREU DFAstrolS studied astrology for many years before passing the Diploma in 2001 and receiving the Margaret Hone Award for excellence in the advanced chart interpretation paper. She works as a distance learning tutor for the Faculty and has had the privilege to teach at Summer School for several years. Penny is a member of the Faculty Council and has a small practice in South London. Prior to becoming an astrologer, she worked in the National Health Service.

CHRISTIAN KOENIG has been a practising astrologer for more than 25 years and in love with astrology since he was 11 years old. He is a Certified Astrologer of the German Astrological Association and also works as a licensed psychotherapist (depth psychology and trauma therapy) with a university degree in psychology. He lectures and teaches internationally and publishes in astrological magazines. His passion is to bring the starry sky back into astrology – fixed stars, constellations and planets.

CLARE MARTIN FFAstrolS has been a professional astrologer since she gained her Faculty Diploma in 1990. She has an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling from City University, London and the Diplomas of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and the Centre for Psychological Astrology, where she was a teacher, lecturer and supervisor. A former President of the Faculty, Clare presided over the Oxford Summer School for nine years. Clare is the author of Mapping the Psyche, a three-volume introduction to psychological astrology, published by the CPA Press and translated into several European languages.

CHRIS MITCHELL has had a life-long interest in astrology, and is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Leicester looking at Jewish and Arabic influences in English medieval astrology. He holds the Diploma in Medieval Astrology from Astrologos and has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University College. He is a regular speaker at a number of astrology groups and conferences worldwide, and has written a number of published articles both for astrological publications and the local press.

KIM FARLEY DFAstrolS discovered astrology at her Saturn Return and has been a part of the Faculty one way or another since the early 1990s. She feels immensely lucky to have taught generations of London classes alongside her home-based private practice. In her view, astrology represents the richest possible use of imagination and creative thinking. Kim is also an independent funeral celebrant.

Stevi Gaydon- D.F.Astrol.S.STEVI GAYDON DFAstrolS is a Faculty tutor, teaching distance learning and London seminars. She has run an astrological practice from her home in Northamptonshire since gaining her Diploma in 2010 and her work with clients is informed by her background in life coaching and training interpersonal skills. Stevi is the Faculty’s Advertising Manager and holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

LINDSAY GLADSTONE DFAstrolS Inspired by a heartfelt connection to the starry heavens Lindsay’s passion for astrology gained her the Faculty Diploma in 2012 and the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2015. Fascinated by the celestial grace encoded within the symbolism of astrology her particular interests focus on the creation myths and divine illumination. She has an astrological practice in West Sussex and teaches as a Faculty distance learning and London classes tutor.

DEBORAH MORGAN DFAstrolS is a Faculty distance learning tutor and runs an astrological practice based in Nottingham. She is intrigued by the interplay between inner experience, planetary cycles and the astrological seasons of the year. This forms a significant part of both her client work and personal understanding of astrology, and fits well with her fascination with subjects as diverse as mythology, neo-paganism and the Western Mystery Tradition.

MELANIE REINHART DFAstrolS Since 1959, astrology has been central to Melanie Reinhart’s life, and for the last 40 years she has been offering consultations, writing and teaching worldwide. Her special interest is meditative work, and original research on Chiron and the Centaurs. Melanie is a Patron of the Faculty.

GLÒRIA ROCA DFAstrolS started to study astrology formally in 1991 with the Faculty. She studied esoteric astrology with Alan Oken and Hermetic Symbology at the Centre d'Estudis de Simbologia de Barcelona. She obtained the Faculty's Certificate in 1993 and its Diploma in 2002. Gloria works as a teacher, consultant astrologer, Faculty tutor and the Faculty’s Head of Exams, combining this work with her astro-feng shui practice and research in her fields of interest: psychological astrology and local space techniques.

CHRISTEEN SKINNER DFAstrolS, FRSA is a Director of Cityscopes London Ltd, a future-casting company. She has a wide clientele made up of bankers, traders and entrepreneurs. She lectures widely on business astrology and draconic, harmonic, midpoint and mundane techniques. Christeen is a Trustee of the Urania Trust, a Director of the Alexandria I-base project and Chair of the Advisory Board for NCGR. She is author of Money Signs (1998), The Financial Universe (2004), Exploring the Financial Universe (2016) and The Beginner’s Guide to the Financial Universe (2017). Navigating the Financial Universe will be published in 2018.

CAROLE TAYLOR FFAstrolS is the Summer School Programme Co-ordinator and the Faculty’s Director of Studies. She was the Summer School Organiser and Head of London Classes for many years, President from 2009-2012, and a Faculty tutor since 2001. She holds the MA (with distinction) in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University and runs an astrological practice in West Sussex. Her particular interest is the potency of myth and symbol, and astrology as divinatory experience and narrative healing.

DRAGANA VAN DE MOORTEL-ILIC has been working as a professional astrologer since 1990. Besides personal consultations, she offers astrological coaching for companies and professionals. She runs a school of astrology in Ghent, Belgium, which provides an in-depth 3-year training program. Additionally, Dragana is active as a mentor at the Institute for Psychological Astrology and Psychoanalysis (IPAL) in Slovenia and at the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She also completed a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.


The Faculty of Astrological Studies is an organisation that contracts with Exeter College, Oxford for the use of facilities, but which has no formal connection with the University of Oxford.

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