The Magic of Summer School is About to Begin

Your place is set!

Astrology enthusiasts from all over the world are about to begin their journey to Oxford to attend the Faculty’s 31st annual Summer School. A large group will come for the weekend from Friday 17th August through Sunday 19th August. More still will join the 5-day programmes from Sunday afternoon through Friday 24th August. Although it’s a long journey for some people, for many of us it feels more like coming home.

Delegates for the weekend select either Christeen Skinner’s A Beginner’s Guide to the Financial Universe or Brain Clarke’s An Astrological Guide to a Fulfilling Vocation: Career, Creativity & Calling. 

Many are booked for an intense and memorable 5-day programme of Natal Chart Interpretation: Putting the Pieces Together (Module 3) or Advanced Interpretation & Astro-Consultancy (Module 9). Others from Monday through Friday will choose lectures from this year’s Astrology in Action tracks:

  • Psyche and Symbol
  • Ancient and Modern: Techniques for Astrological Practice
  • Astrology and Time
  • The Astrology of Relationships

CLICK HERE to see the schedule. Good luck making your choices; everything is so good that it is hard to decide!

A number of Summer School participants return year after year, and certainly that is due to the high-quality astrology being offered. Yet there is something about gathering and learning at Exeter College itself that has a magical pull on each one of us.

Click here for full details about Summer School 2018.

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