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Astrology enthusiasts from all over the world are about to begin their journey to Oxford to attend the Faculty's 31st annual Summer School. A large group will come for the weekend from Friday 17th August through Sunday 19th August. More still will join the 5-day programmes from Sunday afternoon through Friday 24th August. Although it's a long journey for some people, for many of us it feels more like coming home.

Delegates for the weekend select either Christeen Skinner's A Beginner's Guide to the Financial Universe or Brain Clarke's An Astrological Guide to a Fulfilling Vocation: Career, Creativity & Calling. 

Many are booked for an intense and memorable 5-day programme of Natal Chart Interpretation: Putting the Pieces Together (Module 3) or Advanced Interpretation & Astro-Consultancy (Module 9). Others from Monday through Friday will choose lectures from this year's Astrology in Action tracks:

  • Psyche and Symbol
  • Ancient and Modern: Techniques for Astrological Practice
  • Astrology and Time
  • The Astrology of Relationships

CLICK HERE to see the schedule. Good luck making your choices; everything is so good that it is hard to decide!

A number of Summer School participants return year after year, and certainly that is due to the high-quality astrology being offered. Yet there is something about gathering and learning at Exeter College itself that has a magical pull on each one of us.

Click here for full details about Summer School 2018.

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